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Writing a Term Paper Assignment

A term paper is a research paper written by students to account for a large part of their academic term. A term paper could argue a particular concept or even explain further about a particular event. It simply covers an analytical report of the topic you’ve covered over the particular period of study.

The following are steps to follow when writing a term paper.

The following are the steps to Writing a Term Paper Assignment

STEP 1: Choosing your topic

The topic you choose should show the level of your creativity. It should therefore be as creative as possible if given a chance to choose your own topic. You should choose a topic that you are interested in so that you are able to expound on it with ease.

Having chosen your topic, narrow down on it to something that can be worked on within the boundaries of the paper. However, if the topic is already chosen for you, begin exploring on the different angles that you could approach and cover it, away from the most obvious approaches that others would probably take. Whatever angle you choose should be insightful and original so as to be captivating enough.

STEP 2: Doing your Research

Before starting your term paper, it is important that you do some thorough research so as to understand the particular topic further. Use both primary and secondary sources for your research. Discussing with like- minded students could also help a great deal so that you may understand the topic while grasping new ideas of how various students interpret the particular topic. Such discussions are however only for idea sharing and therefore may not be quotable sources.

STEP 3: Writing the Introduction

It is at this point that you orient the reader to going through the rest of the paper. The introduction consists of a short description of the topic which often begins with a thesis statement. The thesis should be a globally accepted fact or quote which is intriguing enough and relevant.

Still in this paragraph, you are expected to give a brief overview of the current state of the research while quoting the sources for credibility purposes. You could provide clarification of the terms used within the text through their definition. You finalize this paragraph by highlighting the method and content that is contained in the rest of the paper so as to act as a guide for the reader.

Below is an Introduction paragraph of a term paper aboutSocial Media and Self Esteem’

Social media is a computer-based platform which utilizes the internet to virtually communicate among internet users through the sharing of information, ideas, and other forms of expression. In the modern world, social media is a common phenomenon thanks to the increased availability of electronic gadgets including laptops, tablets, and smartphones in virtually every household. Thus, social media has made the communication process easy and fast allowing people to communicate throughout the world within a fraction of the time it used to take. Apart from enhancing communication, social media can have positive or negative effects on the self-esteem of its beneficiaries. In sociology, self-esteem is defined as the evaluation of one’s worth. A person can consider himself or herself to be worthy or to have less value in society depending on the background environment they are located in. This paper aims to point out how social media can either raise or lower the self-esteem of a person.

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist” Salman Rushdie. This quote sums up the debate about freedom of speech and hate speech.

STEP 4: Writing the Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs are the main part of the term paper. It is through the body paragraphs that you give and explain your points to support your stand.

Below is how the body paragraphs in a term paper are structured:

Body 1 in a Term Paper

At this point, you are expected to put across your first and strongest point regarding the topic. Begin with a topic sentence and then reasons and examples to support it.

Writing a Speech: Topic Sentence:

This is the first sentence of your body paragraph. As stated above, it should be the strongest point and should therefore be catchy enough to maintain the reader’s attention. The topic sentence should highlight what the rest of the paragraph will be about.

Below is a Topic Sentence for a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

Social media facilitates for all kinds of social aspects among internet users where some can either lower or raise the self-esteem of an individual.


Writing a Speech Reason 1:

This is where you give a further explanation of the topic sentence that you had stated earlier on. Since this is a paper that you will have to submit at the end of the period of study, you should give factual evidence and related examples to support your reasoning.


Writing a Speech: Below is Reason 1 for a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

For example, social media provides a perfect platform where people can sell their personalities such as posting some of their best photos or moments on Facebook to boost their self-esteem. Upon a positive response from fellow internet users and friends, one feels highly appreciated thus being motivated to persist in sharing his or her personality in social media. This phenomenon raises one’s self-esteem.

Body 2

In this paragraph, you give your second strongestpoint and like paragraph one, ensure you include valid and factual evidence and relevant examples to support your argument.

Below is Body 2 of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

Topic Sentence:

At this point, you highlight what your paragraph will be about. Again, it should be catchy enough such that it maintains the reader’s attention while introducing them to your second pro point.

Below is the Topic Sentence of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

Due to the growing number of social users, advertisements have found an ideal platform to reach great masses of people.

Reason 2:

This should be a further explanation of the already given topic sentence. It should contain factual evidence and examples to support your argument and help your second point valid.

Below is Reason 2 of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

For an advert to reach many people, big personalities with massive followers are usually a target for advertisements. A company that chooses to advertise through certain personalities increases the size of the audience that will divert their attention to the advertisement; the personality of such people attracts more attention hence raising their self-esteem.

Body 3

It is at this point that you could give your counterargument to show what those opposing your stand would say. This paragraph shows the reader that you are aware of the cons to your stand on the topic.

Counterargument topic sentence:

In this sentence, you should show that your stand is prone to contradictions by some people. It could include giving factual evidence to counter your stand.

Below is a Counterargument Topic Sentence of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

In other instances, social media plays a great role in lowering the self-esteem of a person.

Reason 3

It is at this point that you give points to counter your argument. However, these should not overtake your actual stand. If possible, you should bring people who earlier on were against your argument, back to your side, while convincing them why they should do so.

Below is a Reason 3 counterargument of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

For example, in social media, people meet other people of higher personalities and tend to compare their lives with theirs thus occasionally resulting in depression. People forget that what most celebrities post about their brands is carefully designed and not always a real life situation. This comparison of one’s self with other people’s lifestyle through social media results in lowering of one’s self-esteem. Also, the attention one receives in social media from friends and other internet users has a considerable effect on the self-esteem of the internet user.  Often times, people post pictures or opinions on Facebook or Instagram to see the reaction of fellow internet users regarding likes and comments they are looking to gain. If the number of likes or comments earned by a photo or an opinion by a person in social media is considerably low, it can lower the self-esteem of the person by considering himself or herself less appreciated.

STEP 5: Writing the Conclusion of a Term Paper

It is at this point that you give your actual stand as to whether or not you support the particular topic. You could rephrase your thesis statement that you had earlier on used in the introduction, or you could come up with a globally accepted fact to support the arguments you gave in the body paragraphs.

Below is the Conclusion of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.

Social media in the modern age is important as it has simplified the communication process in the whole world. People should, however, use social media to impact society positively and not by posting extravagant lifestyles which can lower the self-esteem of others who cannot afford such lifestyles. It is, therefore, advisable that internet users should avoid certain aspects of social media which have the potential to lower their self-esteem. Tread the internet carefully, my dear friends!

STEP 6: Writing a Reference Page

A reference page shows exactly where you got your evidence as stated in the body paragraphs. It is through referencing that you acknowledge work done by different authors regarding your research. This is the last step when writing your Term Paper.

Below is a reference page of a Term Paper about Social Media and Self Esteem.



Hawi, N. S. and M. Samaha. “The Relations Among Social Media Addiction, Self-Esteem, And Life Satisfaction In University Students”. Social Science Computer Review, 2016, SAGE Publications, doi:10.1177/0894439316660340.

Lundgren, David C. “Public Esteem, Self-Esteem, And Interpersonal Stress”. Social

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