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Writing a Speech

Speeches are delivered everyday worldwide. A speech therefore, is the ability to put across your thoughts or feelings through articulate sounds. Most speeches are usually formal and are delivered to different audiences. Speeches ought to be as natural as possible but at the same time, they should qualify for relevance. In order for a person to deliver a good speech, it is important to write it down so that you do not forget any important information while delivering it.

The following are the steps you should follow when writing a good speech.

The following are the steps to Writing a Speech

STEP 1: Choosing your topic well

An excellent speech should resonate very well with the audience’s interests. Your topic should therefore be well chosen so that it is relevant and your audience finds it important thus will be keen while you deliver it.

STEP 2: Finding the purpose for your speech

At this point, you ask yourself what is goal or purpose of your speech. This will help you come up with the thesis for your speech. Your thesis should be the main point of your speech which you are to address in your speech. It is also at this point that you write down an outline of what your speech will entail. This will help organize the flow of your ideas in the speech.

STEP 3: Writing the introduction

Your introduction should be as captivating as possible. Make use of a hook statement so that it help to grab and engage the audience’s attention. Use of quotes in your opening sentences will contribute to the credibility of your speech. It is at this point that you either grab or lose your audience’s attention so make sure it is as catchy as possible.

Below is an introduction in a Speech Asking for Donations.

There is some friendship that dogs bring to our lives. The sort of friendship where those friends (dogs) are perpetually there for you regardless. The sort that would give you a ride home at two in the morning and even prepare you some soup when you are unwell

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist” Salman Rushdie. This quote sums up the debate about freedom of speech and hate speech.

STEP 4: Writing the Body Paragraphs

It is at this point that you should present the main points of your speech and the support for each of them. From the outline you had prepared earlier, choose three of the strongest point and build up on each.

Below is how to structure your body paragraphs in a speech.

Writing a Speech: Body paragraph 1

At this point, begin with the strongest of your points. Remember that you want to maintain the audience’s attention so starting with the strongest point will help you get the audience on your side before they begin questioning your speech. Support your point with facts and examples.

Below is Body paragraph 1 for a Speech Asking for Donations.

Whether you have bee gone for hours, days or even  weeks, your dog will always be excited to have you back and to see you again. You could even throw a stick over the lawn and the dog will think you have just initiated  the most interesting game ever. Dogs can even sense when you are unwell and they will lie protectively next to you and when you are sad they begin licking you affectionately.However, not all dogs have the privilege of having an owner to take care of them. Therefore twice every week, we welcome new dogs to our family that is now popular for housing dogs. Our company is known as Cute N cuddly Canines. Every year, we house approximately a hundred dogs which makes it obviously really crowded with our scarce resources.

Writing a Speech Body paragraph 2

At this point, you fix in the point you consider weak. When delivering your speech, this will have a higher chance of being forgotten if it is fixed at the middle of the speech.

Writing a Speech: Below is body 2 paragraph for a Speech Asking for Donations

For this reason, we are seeking donations for our dogs’ shelter so that we can modify it according to the required dog hygiene standards. We are never in a position to turn away dogs brought to us because we believe that dogs should be treated as just friends. No one wants to lose friends or turn them away. Therefore, we would need financial and moral support from you so that we are in a position to expand the shelter and create room for the growing dog family.

Body paragraph 3

To vamp up your speech a notch higher towards the end, present the second strongest of your points.

Below is Body paragraph 3 of a Speech Asking for Donations.

Thanks to the help of our dedicated fiends, we are able to survive but the electricity and water expenses can get quite high and so are the veterinary doctor visits.The hygiene equipment for each dog have to be replaced on a monthly basis, not to forget the dog food that is required on a daily basis. Those who purchase dogs from us clearly know the amount of food that these dogs require for them to maintain their healthy nature. There is only so much people can do to help us, even with their limited resources. All we are asking for is help for the town’s most vulnerable inhabitants who contribute to our daily protection. Even the smallest of donations would make a huge difference and we are really grateful for the support we’ve gotten over the past two years that this shelter has existed.

STEP 5: Writing the Conclusion

End your speech with a firm conclusion. It is at this point that you summarize your entire speech. Repeat the main points so that the audience can recall them. You could also bring the audience back to the beginning of your speech, but this time with a louder spirit, therefore leaving them with thoughts of implications. You could also include additional information on future plans so long as it is within the context of the speech.

Below is the Conclusion for a Speech Asking for Donations.

Aside from the official donation page, we are also having a very special event on May 20 to which you are cordially invited at the community center. It will be a wonderful day of festivities, and every cent from the proceeds will go toward the shelter. We hope to see everyone there. From the giant Mastiffs to the teacup Yorkies, the doggies’ thank you, the staff thanks you, and I thank you for your time and compassion. And, of course, if your family is looking for a cuddly canine to call your very own, you know where to look. We have adoption fairs every Saturday at the shelter, and we hope to get every single puppy a loving and caring home.

STEP 6: Proofreading

At this point, you go through the written speech so as to correct mistakes you may have made in your points. You could also add points that you may have forgotten. Pass your speech though a spell checker program so as to correct grammatical errors.

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