Sample Essay on Reflection on Leadership

Power in leadership is defined as the capacity to implement authority over some people or situations (Hart, Childers, & Lind, 12). It is also the capability to control a situation or a group of people. Politics in leadership is closely related to the purpose. Politics in leadership dictates that a director distinctly defines the social from the spiritual and the public life. This is because different issues and purposes dictate these forms of lives. Public life is kept in check by the constant civic scrutiny. Private life is a personal life where a leader is expected to be the real self. In public life, a leader is expected to show the best qualities unlike in private life. For instance, in leadership, one is expected to be perfect. This may however be impractical in private life. Spiritual life however dictates other forms of lives based on set virtues that come with a particular spiritual inclination.

The present principles and values are essential in every form of leadership. I highly value straightforwardness, integrity, and honesty. These are values, which are essential in every form of leadership irrespective of the situation and the levels. Every leader also needs to exercise the right attitude towards the staff. There is need for every leader to be visionary and hardworking. In every level, I would recommend that leaders be the role models to their subordinates.

Practically, I try to be a role model to the staff. This exercise has enabled me to understand every member and come to his or her levels. I have also come to understand that every leader needs to understand how to exercise political tone. This will necessitate better application of the political power. Political tone enables a leader to understand how to handle every situation and be in control (Hart, Childers, & Lind, 4).


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