Sample Coursework Paper on Response

Christina Wilder

Christina I really emphasize with your health condition and your struggle to avert the condition of your stomach problems. It is true you have been through a lot when giving birth to your son but it is advisable that you maintain your healthy life by exercising a lot and observing a healthy diet (Miller, 2013). With the modern treatment in place, your consistence visit to the doctor will help maintain a health record that will see your stomach condition resolved.  Sometimes it is normal to experience pain due to the facts that c-section was conducted on your stomach and the child was extra huge.

Rosemary Bigger

Rosemary I totally agree with you on the lifestyle Americans are living. There is little or no time for exercises or have a healthy meal because people are busy doing their daily duties. This has led to the upsurge of diseases culminating from the modern lifestyle (Watson, 2011). Junk food is also part of this lifestyle because it saves time spent on cooking. This food is pre-cooked in the sense that it will require little time to be ready. The only way out of this is to travel more and embrace body exercising especially when we are carrying out our daily chores like shopping.

Margaret White

Margaret I concur with your idea of women loving themselves first. This is because one will have an opportunity to realize her health needs that she is required to cater for. This is crucial to the health program to be undertaken by women (Kronenfeld, 2011). After they appreciate their body, they will be in a position to execute the program effectively unlike in a situation where they dislike their own body. This will be detrimental to the health program undertaken.


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