Sample Essay on Women in Contrast

Women in Contrast is a photography exhibition scheduled to take place between March to August, 2017. Women in Contrast is used by the talented women artists to show the role of women in the photography sector with preference on the occurrence of changes  from the 20th to the 21st century. The artists have used different ideologies ranging from the various portraits at various features so as to reveal what they can be able to do with the change in technology (Haskell 13). These women do not leave room for the societal assumption on the gender of the artist, neither do they give a clue of what a female work of art should look like.

The imagery architect by the talented contemporary American women portray the existing modern societies with features opposing the olden days. The artists have gone beyond what has been considered the feminine subjects for years. For instance, a work by Mary Ellen Mark displaying the image of a father holding his son in the same manner that the mother would. It portrays the theme of the changing times and the changing roles between men and women.

On the other hand, Nancy Burson has a portrait on androgyny, illustrating six men with six women. This tries to show the equality that has come in the sector of photography. Women artists have discovered that they can equally do as good as their male counterparts. One of the artists painted a photo of a hermaphrodite with a dog, a subject that only the male photographers could be imagined of paying attention to.

It is with limited doubts that female American photographers have moved out of their cocoon and decided to take their talents a step higher. They have chosen to use the exhibition titled Women in Contrast to prove to the world what they are capable of as far as photography is concerned.



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