Sample Essay on ZWK Dis 10

The inception of modern technologies in the form of bikes and automobiles has helped change streets in cities and towns. Streets are also fundamental to sustainable urbanism as they enable the movement of people and goods from one point to another in urban areas.

Arguably, the commentaries on traffic volume and Long Beach offer something of great significance to re-thinking the role of streets and how they need to be changed. First, they highlight that streets can be partitioned effectively for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, and this is one of the effective changes that countries across the globe should embrace when it comes to streets.

The fact that every stakeholder is committed to seeing an improvement in the transportation sector, which will see a reduction of congestion in streets implies that there is hope to refashion streets in the US. The commitment is evident in the fact that latest automobiles and bikes are being developed in a bid to refashion the streets. In the documentaries, it is highlighted that one of the latest bikes, montagery fun, is already in use, and it has in a great way helped refashion the streets. Moreover, the introduction of cycle tracks in Texas underlines the fact that there is hope to refashion streets in the US.

There are several transportation reforms in the US that seem to be working. First, the pricing parking has played a fundamental role in the reduction of congestion in the streets, and this has made cities in the US more efficient. Second, the partitioning of city streets to enable efficient movement of motorists, cyclists, and drivers seems to be working as people have shifted to the use of bikes for movements along the streets, and thus, congestion and pollution have reduced significantly. However, one of the reforms that seem intractable is that which aims at reducing the use of automobiles on streets.