Sample Essay on What Kind of 85-Year Old Do You Want to Be?

Aging is defined by the number of years a person has lived, the physical changes in an individual’s or by a change in the way of perception. Aging is a diverse phenomenon that involves dissimilar experiences for different individuals. The process of aging differs between genders and social and economic status. During aging, people tend to experience mental, physical, and social changes. For instance, some of the social changes may involve variations in person’s relationship with family, colleagues or friends. Everyone wishes to experience a happy and comfortable aging process; the following paragraphs portray some of my fears, hopes, and wishes at the age of 85, considering common natural and social circumstances around that age.

At the age of 85, a person is bound to suffer from deteriorating physical, emotional, and psychological capacity and wellbeing, based on the wear and tear that the body, its organs, and their functioning are likely to have suffered by then. A long life in an individual, while desirable, is bound to influence slower bodily reactions, less physical capacity, and reduced potency to function effectively and perform as well as a younger body would. Over the years, the individual’s efforts and exertions in the performance of different tasks, psychologically and physically, causes the body to undergo depreciation in its capacities, in effect increasing the person’s vulnerability to a broad variety of stimuli and circumstances in the physical and another environment. The decline in dexterity and swiftness of motion and performance by the body cause the individual to lose various capabilities, influencing the prevalence and increase of different threats and risks for the body and it effectiveness.

In the context of these loses and deterioration due to age, I expect to suffer from frequent and sometimes infrequent episodes of memory loss, constipation, and sleeplessness once I reach age 85. Theorists have studied the aging process, and discovered that aging diseases arise from a process called senescence (to grow old). Such diseases include arthritis, cancer, hypertension, cataracts, and osteoporosis among others. Old age increases the frequency of disease infections due to aging immune system and body tissues and organs, leading to high mortality rate. At the age of 85, there is a high possibility that I will suffer from one of the common old-age diseases. I expect to suffer specifically from osteoporosis and arthritis which are the commonest old-age diseases. For this reason, I am currently investing in my future health to be in a position to fight the regular old-age infections and lead a happy life.

Even though the elderly are more susceptible to diseases, some of the old-age complications are preventable. Decisions that humans make and practice in younger life have the impact of affecting the levels of their health in later life. Such decisions mostly concern lifestyle and bodily, psychological, and emotional habits. These decisions concern and determine the success of maintenance of bodily capacities through replenishment of key capacities and nutrients, along with enabling sustainable and conservative use of important performance abilities, in effect reducing the levels and extents of body wear and tear. This means that the body can achieve and maintain critical levels of fitness to prevent critical losses in its potency. For instance, the risk of disease infections may be alleviated by maintaining a healthy diet, which improves an individual’s immunity. Feeding on unhealthy and unbalanced diets weakens the body’s immunity, thus increasing the possibility of diseases. On the contrary, taking a balanced diet will help prevent some of the old-age associated illnesses. Similarly, physical therapies like exercises and taking hormonal medications to boost immunity increases the chance of survival and happiness. I will ensure that my association with immediate family is healthy and by so doing, aging problems will be limited as I will not lack someone to take good care of me and offer moral support.

By the time I am 85 years, I expect to have acquired diverse life experience. Generally, life experience increases with the number of years lived. Life includes new experience and challenges; for this reason, I believe that I will be a source of information and advice to the young generation in my 85 years of life. In this respect, I hope to engage in social works through which I can engage and motivate the young people and society as a whole.  This may be done through giving talks and sharing about my prior life experiences.  My interaction with society will give me an opportunity not only to educate the youths but also to gain from the society’s support to the elderly. Society has profound ways of taking care of the old.  For instance, the current community has put up homes for the old just in case the family is unable to take care of the old family members. Having a good relationship with the community around will help ease the old-age burden.

In addition to the social support provided by the community, I hope to have raised a unified family by the time I am 85 years old. Children are important sources of help and psychological, financial, and physical support for the aged person.  I hope to be surrounded by love and care from my children, grand, and great-grandchildren. I will have retired from employment or any type of business. With my pension funds in place and insurance benefits flowing, I do not think I will experience any financial challenge

Sexual function at 85 will be a factor hard to figure out. I hope to have a partner by then. Studies show that old people are not limited to have a happy and healthy sexual life. Older women experience significant sexual desires but fear that it is a disgraceful thing. Old age comes with the loss of reproductive capabilities. The grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family members and the society generally disapprove sexual behaviors from older people. Being sexually active and happy about it for older people is an illustration of self-independent and self-fulfillment.  It is a universal confirmation of life, passion, admiration and loyalty to one’s partner.

In conclusion, different people age differently; while some people’s life is better as they age, others’ life change for the worst. Although the elderly are prone to diseases and chronic conditions, some complications are preventable through adopting a healthy lifestyle. Even though one can experience a happy life at 85 years of age, it is known that the risk of death increases with increasing age. For this reason, it is necessary to be prepared to face death, both psychologically and socially. By the time I am 85 years, I probably will be thinking about death, even as I get ready to live my last days.