Sample Critical Thinking Paper on CPG #5

Question One

The main purpose of Jones Chapter 67 is to emphasize the significance of sorting information in chronological order. The main question is how do sorting, chronology, and timeline relate? The author, therefore, seeks to enlighten the reader on the challenges one meets when reading the information, which has not been structured.

The main purpose of Jones Chapter 11 is to highlight the significance of testing a hypothesis and how a hypothesis can be tested. The main question in the reading is how can a hypothesis be confirmed as true? The author seeks to enlighten the reader on approaches of proving a hypothesis and establishing the validity of the evidence

According to Collier, ‘introduction to social theory, different approaches are assumed by different researchers when conducting social research. How can a researcher reduce biasness in a researcher? The author seeks to highlight emphasize that it is difficult to conduct research without biasness due to the individual perspective and values

From Collier’s sample theory, a good research design is essential to overcome poor research. The major question from the chapter is how can a researcher carry out effective research? The author seeks to ensure that future research possesses good designs before the study is conducted.

Question Two

Concepts in Jones 67 are that sorting refers to the structuring of components to bring out meaning.

The main concepts in Jones Chapter 11 are that a hypothesis is a declarative statement, which is yet to be confirmed as true. To confirm the truth of a hypothesis, it is essential to offer supporting evidence. Testing of hypothesis comprises of critical analysis of other alternative hypotheses that fits best and not all information that satisfies the hypothesis.

The main concept in Collier’s social theory is the major difference between etic and amic approaches is the chosen perspective when carrying out the research. Etic approach is carried out when the researcher is outside the social practice and observes the social science from far off. Emic approach us assumed by the researcher within the social science.

The main concept in Collier’s sample theory is the components of a good study. A good research should include an introduction, literature review with theoretical and conceptual framework. Research questions guide a researcher on the scope of the study.

            Question Three


Jones 67 states that for a reader to understand information, it is necessary to arrange the piece of information chronologically in a given time series. Sorting is an essential component in the analysis of problems. Misuse and underuse of sorting and chronology result in complications in compiling information.


Jones 11, states that a hypothesis is a declarative statement yet to be established as true. A hypothesis can be tested but can never be proved as the only truth. A hypothesis is confirmed as true in the presence of evidence. It was previously assumed that the earth was flat until the Magellan’s Voyage proved that it is spherical. My cat’s fur is wet is consistent with the proof that it was outside the rain; fell in a sink filled with water or was sprayed by the children.


According to Collier in the Social Science chapter, etic and emic, approaches are diverse as they employ different positions. However, all perspectives are biased as the perception of social science widely varies. It is essential however to minimize biases in social science for research validity and reliability. Validity can be applied in a population to derive true and actual results. Quality of life has previously been measured by personal income.

In Collier’s, sample theory, good research design results in a good study. A good design should possess an introduction with a thesis, research questions, and objectives. Research designs lead to accurate and valid results, which leads to accurate testing of the hypothesis.