Sample Coursework Paper on Survey: The Commute of Students to ASU Campus

Question One
What are your independent variables and why did you select each variable?

Independent variables with respect to students’ commute include distance, weather and urgency. Distance is a variable that affects the mode of commuting to campus. In case, for a particular student who resides nearer to the institution, a private transportation or human powered transportation would be appropriate. Weather affects the form of transport. On a sunny day, one can use a motorbike while on a rainy day buses would be preferred to bicycles.

Question two

What are the ten questions you will ask in your survey?

How far from school do you stay?

Do you at times walk to school? If yes, how often?

In case of a rainy weather, which form of transport will you use to commute to Campus?

Do you prefer private transport to public transport? If yes, why?

What time do lectures begin? Which form of transport would you use to avoid being late for classes?

What are the financial concerns that involve commuting to Campus on a daily basis? Do you have a problem keeping up with the financial demands for the same?

Question three

What scaling error can you identify was made in figure 6?

The question gave a narrow range of dependent variable as opposed to the wider range of choices given in the figure. The question addresses the frequency of use of different forms of transport campus while the options given are general and tend to apply to a wider perspective of transport.

Question four

What is the web link to your survey?


Question five