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Dubai Mall…The best International Shopping Mall with an all inclusive shopping experience

Looking for the best one stop shopping mall? Look no further because Dubai Mall offers a myriad shopping services and experience at your convenience and comfort.

Dubai- 3/8/2016

Shopping is definitely an experience that people love and may differ among different individuals. This may be as a result of factors such as age, urgency, quality, products and quality of service among others. Dubai mall is considered as one of the best and largest mall one can shop in in the whole world. As a matter of fact, the mall has shops that exceed 1,200 in number offering a variety of services and products to its customers. Shopping, entertainment, fashion, dining and events among others are some main services offered by Dubai mall. Apart from these services and products, the mall has elegant and magnificent designs that are appealing to any shopper.

A look at some of these designs below provide a really cool experience making a person to always want to shop in this Mall.


Dubai Mall Entrance                                The Mall’s Interior


In relation to Dubai Shops, there are various products and services offered such book stores, fashion designs, Dubai gifts, perfumes, electronics, phones and furniture among others. As such, anyone irrespective of age, race, gender or status can access these services in just a single mall. For example, the mall provides services such as fashion advice enabling a shopper to make the right decision when looking for appropriate outfits.

The Fashion Avenue (Dubai Mall)

Secondly, the mall offers variety of entertainment services suitable for all age groups. Some of these services offered include: underwater zoo, Dubai aquarium, Kidzania, Reel Cinemas, Dubai fountain, SEGA republic and Ice Rink. The underwater zoo and aquarium offers a centerpiece that anyone would wish to experience. The aquarium contains living animals in excess of 33,000 which is a representation of various animal species. In addition, the aquarium has walkthrough acrylic tunnel that makes it possible for viewers to have close range animal encounters. On the other hand, underwater zoo provides ecological experiences related to marine life. These ecological zones include; Rain forest, Living Ocean and Rocky Shore. In this light, visitors are able to encounter aquatic animals such as piranha, catfish, penguins and otters among others.


Underwater zoo & Dubai Aquarium

Other features such as reel cinemas provide customers with movie experiences in safe and comfortable environments. KidZania provides children with interactive and indoor entertainment. As such, families are not left out when it comes to their kids’ entertainment. Furthermore, the SEGA republic provides visitors with various amusement games mainly aimed for leisure purposes. This means the mall is an all inclusive entertainment spot.

Dining in Dubai mall is also another feature that provides visitors with cuisine experiences. The mall has restaurants such as the Rainforest Café that provides a variety of food types. This means that a shopper can always visit this café during the shopping experience. Additionally, Dubai events such as shopping festivals are some treasures that any shopper would not want to miss. Such festivals provide customers with unique shopping experiences that could last for a lifetime.

Rainforest Cafe

Dubai shopping mall is a quality and world class center that provides an all inclusive experience. The entertainment, dining and shop features are very fundamental for anyone wishing to have an international shopping experience. The magnificent designs and services offered would enable you to always shop for more in Dubai mall. Take a visit to Dubai mall and get the real shopping experience you have been looking for.


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