Sample Report Paper on Midterm Report

. I have worked with Over Power Production (OPP) for two weeks now, and I feel at home. The working environment is the best especially with the enabling environment created by the management. Since I am responsible to post ads on the social media, I have made the initiative to come up with catchy messages and pictorials that attract the media users to ask for the company services. So far, I have contributed to increased sale packages through my vigorous social media campaign.

Q2. The management at OPP has done its part to make my working at the company a good experience. The manager is understanding and often comes to consult with the junior staff and interns regarding continuous improvement processes. This motivates everyone to work harder to meet the objectives of the organization. I was glad that within my first week at OPP the manager appreciated my efforts as the employee of the week since my advertising campaign on social media boosted the sales of the company than ever before.

Q3. I can work under three main departments at OPP; the sales, marketing, and operations department. The management has organized for the interns to get vast experience by assigning them duties under different departments. My major duties include; selling packages (pre-wedding, wedding, and other events), posting advertisements and selling promotions on social network media, following out with the team for photographing, and decorating wedding and other events’ scenes. These functions are all important to the organization since the organization’s major services are photography and wedding arrangements.

Q4. The structure of OPP is composed of the general manager as the main boss of the company and three departmental managers who report to him. The three departments are; marketing, sales, and photography. Since I have rotational duties under the three departments, I understand that they follow a similar departmental structure starting from the department managers, followed by assistant managers, and then the junior staff. The department managers control, direct, monitor, plan, and organize all the activities undertaken by the department. Also, they develop departmental budgets and report their performance to the general manager. The Assistant takes charge of the department manager when they are absent although they take part in the supervision and preparing departmental reports.

Q5. For the period I have been working at OPP, Jack Ma has been my supervisor. Jack Ma is the manager and photography director at OPP. He is an alumni of San Francisco State University where he completed his Hospitality & Tourism Management Studies with a distinction. He has been active and a successful person in the hospitality and tourism industry where he has worked for more than eight years.

Q6. The hospitality and tourism industry in California is characterized by several hotel businesses. Therefore, there is a potential threat to OPP since there are several other firms specialized in offering wedding services such as wedding arrangements and photography. The main competitors of Over Power Production are (competitor) and (competitor). However, OPP has gained a competition advantage due to vigorous marketing of its services, customer loyalty, and high innovation.

Q7. Yes, I believe I would love to work with the company. This is because how every employee is determined to achieve organizational success, and the management team is excellent.

Q8. Current status of my project;

  1. The title of my project is, ‘Developing and Marketing Plan for Wedding.’
  2. So far, I have gathered important information during my outings with the photography team and events’ scenes decorating team that can facilitate writing my research project. I have obtained relevant data from my workmates at OPP are very cooperating and supportive.
  3. For the past weeks, I have been focused on gathering all relevant data and materials as preparation for writing my research. I am expecting everything to go according to my plans hence I could start writing my information in print within this week. Therefore, I can say am in the quarter mark in my research project.