Sample Paper on Experiential Learning Report

Honolulu Fashion Week

I got a chance to attend the re-known Honolulu Fashion Week on 11/07/2014, and I must admit that it was one of my best experiences in life. It was held in Hawaii Convention Centre in Waikiki. The climax of fashion and design was in Honolulu, an event that was attended by thousands of people. The event featured various unique fashions on display, most of which were new and rather objective. There were various displays on sale as part of the main event. Everyone was either going to enjoy the show or buy the high-quality garments on sale or do both. Personally, I found the uniqueness, organization, and content of the show rather exciting and fun. In the case of the fashionable clothes on sale, I must admit that I found them to be rather expensive. However, I could not really resist the temptation of making a purchase of at least one. All pieces were made specifically for the event by popular local designers, and supplies were limited, which made buying more of a rush.

The event was well planned, having taken more than two weeks to set the stage. Rehearsals had been in order, which was evident from the smooth running of activities that we all enjoyed. The runway events were most interesting, with models outdoing themselves in a fit of ecstasy as they displayed the new fashion directions in the market. Every activity was scheduled, and time adherence was strict. Enough information was provided in the form of directions and labels to guide everyone.

Honolulu Fashion Week applied a variety of concepts concerned with event management. Research had been carried out as to what exactly people need, especially in the field of fashion and entertainment. It also involved the determination of the most convenient place to hold the event based on the preferences of the public. This resulted in a more localized function that featured outside talent, though most of the facilitators came from New York. The design for the event was a masterpiece, ranging from the schedule followed to the content, which ultimately determined the quality of the show. Everything was well planned in advance, including budgeting for the various expenses taking into account the miscellaneous expenses that could arise in the course of the event. Communication was done widely through social media and posters. One could actually get tickets through the Facebook page. During the event, every activity was well coordinated. The facilitators encouraged those who did attend to write reviews on their personal experiences at the show, something that was well received. Such reviews were to be used to base the evaluation of the performance of the event as a whole.

I got a lot of lessons on organizing an event that requires public participation. I was able to create the connection between the five phases and real-life practicality. The success of an event would highly depend on how each of the five phases is taken care of.

Art Show at Art on the Zoo Fence

Art is always a perfect tool when it comes to preserving and perpetuating culture, and the Zoo Fence is evidence of this. I visited the Zoo Fence on 11/09/2014 and was very much excited about the overall organization, attractiveness, and talent display that met the eye. The beautiful Waikiki treasury operates on weekends and features a variety of artists doing various kinds of work. Every visitor gets a chance to interact with the artists and get an inner understanding of their work, which constitutes the phase of coordination and communication. I felt a deep sense of fulfillment talking to the artists and getting to know more of their work and getting a detailed account of the symbolism behind the paintings and other forms of art. I bought some paintings and souvenirs that I found to be attractive, and made a mental note to visit the place occasionally to review the new items.

The artists research many topics that they can address through paintings and crafts. They then use their talents to come up with creative designs that are put on display for appreciation and sale. From the online and selling feedback, they are able to evaluate the impact of their art on various customers.