Admission Essay on Travel Critique

A detailed description of the tourism activity/event

Travelling has always been one of my hobbies. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, appreciating different cultures and viewing the magnificent wild animals is not only breathtaking, but a sight to behold. As I expand my horizons, I get to appreciate diversity by interacting with different people all over the world. Indeed, every place that I have ever visited as a tourist left me with great and beautiful memories that would last me for a life time. I have amassed knowledge as well as learned on how people interact and react with one another in different parts of the globe. One of the experiences that cannot fade in my mind is when I and my friends visited Kenya in one of their renowned national parks so as to witness the magical sceneries of wild animals. Kenya is actually the first African country that I have ever visited ever since I started off my travel diaries. I was more so lured to visit the country having read plenty of excellent reviews from the people who had toured the country. I was more so captivated to visit the place so as to quench my curiosity and expectations of viewing the vast number of wildebeests crossing the river in the presence of dangerous and hungry crocodiles.

While planning for my visit to Kenya, I chose to book a package deal from GameWatchers Tour Company which is famous for its touring services. I only had a week to explore Kenya and learn of its beauty. Having secured a spot for the four day safari was the start of my adventures. During the first day of my visit, I was introduced to the driver and tour guide who were very friendly and willing to guide us along each and every step of our tour. I, together with other tourists was taken to three different conservancies within the vast Maasai Mara National park. We were particularly lucky to tour the national reserve within the month of August as it is usually regarded as the prime season for wildebeest’s migration. On the first day of our tour, we were taken to one conservative where we had the golden opportunity to see giraffes, gazelles, zebras, antelopes and some extinct types of rhinos that were comfortably grazing and brazing in the vast land. On the second day, we were taken to the second conservative where we were blown away by the sight of a lioness and its cubs, tigers, cheetahs and leopard. At one point, we were able to witness the cheetah speedily racing towards a group of hapless antelopes. This was more so the best scenario I have ever seen ever since I began touring different countries. Having to witness a hungry fast cheetah hunting a prey is certainly one of those priceless moments. On the last day of our tour, we were able to view a group of elephants with their own calves. Having seen an elephant feeding and caring for its calves was breathtaking. However, all hell broke loose when our vehicle got stuck on the mud.

 A critique of the tourism activity/event from the consumer’s point of view as well as a critique as a future tourism professional

Our car getting stuck in the mad right in front of a group of elephants was one of the most devastating times of our lives. This was more so due to the elephants that were speedily approaching us as the driver sought to get the vehicle out of the mad by changing the gears. The driver had not realized that the more he changed the gears that eventually produced the disturbing sounds, the more the elephants felt unsafe(Wojtasik, 2006). It is with this profound reason that the elephants were fast approaching our side so as to defend themselves from the assumed impending danger. We were all filled with anxiety and panic as we saw the huge elephants fast approaching us whilst our vehicle had not moved an inch. The attempts of the driver to save us from the impending death trap proved to be in vain. The tour guide’s fear was clearly written on his visage and his attempt to calm us down was not futile as we all began to scream in fear of what was going to happen. We clearly escaped death just by a whisker as the game rangers who were out of nowhere came to our rescue as they shot on the air to distract the angry elephants from moving to our side.

The experience and how you would modify the event/entity if you were in charge.

From that dreading experience, it was clear that the tour guides had no clue on what to do in situations where the wild animals literally go wild on humans. Thus, there is great need for the wildlife organization and ministry to train the wild rangers, tour guides and the tour drivers on what need to be done so as to evade any impending danger posed by the wild animals(Wojtasik, 2006). The tour guide employees also need to be informed on what could disturb or trigger to react in a defensive way (Wojtasik, 2006).

In conclusion, my trip to Kenya was a marvelous one as I was not only able to see some of the most feared animals, but I was also able to interact with the friendly local people as well as the famous Maasai people.




Wojtasik, T. (2006). Wild Animal Nation. Laurinburg, N.C: Helena Press.