Technology Sample Paper on Creative Digital Media

Creative Digital Media


Digital comics are the consistent use of pictures or images while relying on media to tell a certain story, and the pictures may be accompanied by sound track.As creativity in technology advances, advertisers are inventing techniques on how to effectively interact with the market.The study is proposing on how to create an interactive digital comic using digital media to reach the appropriate audience.

Digital media offers advertisers with a variety of platforms to choose in terms of advertising, social media, digital media and digital video.In this technological era, things are going digital and the business world is not left behind. With the changing times businesses and marketers are finding new ways to interact with their clients(Sundar and Kim, 2005). Interactive digital comics provide platform for product owners and their respective users to associate. These products are specifically to produce interestingstories with an objective of getting attention to promote products. Interactive digital comicgives the promoters of a product a chance to interact with their buyersusing new digital techniques to increaseconvincingpower and increase engagement with the clients (Sundar and Kim, 2005).

Traditional comics relied on readers to give stories where there are gaps giving the readers a chance to fill in missing parts of the story. Due to advance in technology, comics can create stories from dissociated fragments organizing the pieces in a meaningful way to be understandable(Sundar and Kim, 2005). Video games have constructed around a brand of a specific product promoting them, since they have a unique environment for interacting with the player.


Digital platform is among the best places to meet a big audience; hence marketers take advantage of it. The use of digital platform is better as it is cost friendly and a ready audience this makes it unbeatable. It has an ability to appeal to many and a quick response generated makes it super



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