Sample Technology Paper on Communication

Social Impacts on Communications

Recently, there is a high difference in terms of communication from older days up to this era.
This is the transparency indication that the world is revolving, however, the modern ways of
communicating has brought so many destruction to the real world of communication. I will begin to
highlight the older ways of communion, destruction brought by modern ways and not forgetting the
challenges too.
In the real world of communication, whereby there was no much technology like social media,
life we seem to be running smoothly even without technologies. People did not cease communicating
because they had their own way. some of the methodology they used are; carrier pigeon, handwritten
letter, lanterns/ lights -based signals like Paul Revere's one, telegram, passed love notes in class in a
folded paper, facsimile landline telephone, smoke signals e.t.c.
In older days, check out the Greeks and Romans. Becouse their provinces were so far apart, the
capital had an extra first runners(the ancient version of Usain Bolt)to run between them and carry
information, like laws(acts)or military orders .this signify that despite of the absence of social media the
whole process of communication runs effectively. People used to mingle with one another as well as
facilitating exchange in information wisely. There was no errors in information given because it was not
written or recorded anywhere but spoken to the intended person, in totall, there were no exaggeration.

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People bide the traditional manner of communication thus no language this abuse comparing of
Nowadays, technology has reduced the amount of face-to-face interaction or the number of
actual telephone conversation that people have by Kimberlee Leonard(2019). This aspect indicates that
it has reduced the freedom of expression, by a certain percentage. Althoughgh the modern technology
like social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and some other sources of information can make an
information last for long but if that information has an error or contradicting words once published can
never be corrected that can bring a big effect on future generations.
Now instead of sending a messenger to convey an information which is accurate and believable
people are using their phones of which has become efficient because it does not consume much time
but again, it has raised the cost of living compared to older days. Now people are using social media in
negative ways instead of passing out useful message to people. This has encouraged multiplication of
terror gangs because they organise their agent meetings and recruits their people anywhere in the
world through social media platforms.
In conclusion, am submitting my honest opinion that social media sabotage real communication
in various ways and some I have already discussed. Mine is to encourage my fellow people not to misuse
the technology we have instead, let's utilise it appropriately.
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