Sample Technology Paper on 3D Printing and Computer Ram

In the digitized and changing world, technology will keep to change and become more
advanced. Currently, experts have been claiming that the 3D printers are likely to change a
variety of industries soon. I would rather say that I think this is quite true as now most companies
are advancing in technology. They are looking for better ways to design their products such that
they are qualified in the eyes of the consumers or potential customers. Having many companies
and firms in operation, now most companies are focusing on quality and unique products to win
the minds of customers and as well survive in the competitive market, which involves many
companies producing similar products.
3D printers are one of the unique printers which can perform several complex tasks that
cannot be achieved by other printers like thermal, multifunctional, laser printers, among others.
3D printers are known to be unique, having able to produce three-dimensional objects made of a
variety of materials (van Manen, p. 1065). A 3D model is first created in the computer using
special software. When the model is transferred to this printer, a nozzle heats this plastic material
until it melts. The injector then this liquid in a series of layers until it finally hardens to form a
The reason as to which the experts are saying these printers will change several
companies is because such printers are applicable in several ways and industries. First, these
printers can be applied by pharmaceutical companies and laboratories in the manufacture of pills.
These include Abbott laboratories, ABER pharmaceuticals, among others. They make the

manufacture of such medicines faster. Consequently, these printers are applicable to companies
manufacturing plastic toys and jewelry. These include Mattel, Omico, and Hasbro, among other
companies. These companies will be able to print these toys, among other plastic objects.
Most users confuse storage and memory, especially now due to the future use of
"memory cards." Many people also are aware, although they can tell little about the difference
between the Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM). In this case, let's
focus on Random Access Memory. This memory is the most noticeable, especially during the
usage of a desktop. This memory stores the programs temporarily, and when the user closes the
program, they disappear. Consequently, in the case of power cut-off, the opened programs
displayed into the monitor also disappear. For example, when you open a particular paper in
Microsoft word, both the article or document and the application are copied into the RAM. RAM
is therefore said to be volatile as its data keeps changing. RAM is different from storage devices,
which can save and store data permanently.
However, it is essential to know the steps of identifying the RAM and storage capacity of
a computer. For RAM, in the start menu of your computer, right-click on my computer then
select properties. In the properties system window, the system will be able to list the installed
memory or RAM, and the total amount of memory detected (Schramp, p. 45). This can, for
example, be 4GB, 8GB, among others, depending on the full memory which is installed on your
However, the type of computer you are using, including OpenXcell, Microsoft
Corporation, among others, will be able to display the amount of memory it has. The more the
amount of RAM, the faster the computer will be able to process data as well as opening more



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