Sample Report Paper on Technology

NASA spinoff technologies are services and products that have been created using the NASA development pacts such as (SBIR or STTR awards), use of NASA research facilities, licensing of NASA patents. NASA personnel providing technical assistance and research data are availed even to private companies. Any valuable information from NASA technologies is periodically made available to all manufacturing companies with the inclusion of private companies.

NASA technology that incorporates transferring programs has in the last over 50 years linked the resources found in NASA centers to private companies referring it to as spin-offs. There are claimed to be over 1650 spin-offs in different fields such as public safety, transportation, computer expertise, environment and agriculture, human wellbeing and medical care, industrial productivity, and recreation. NASA introduced an interactive web feature in the year 2008, NASA @ Home and City that employs flash animations to depict everyday products that are said to be NASA spin-offs.

Some of the technologies from NASA are as follows Ventricular assist device is a lifesaving heart pump that is used on patients who are awaiting heart transplants. This device was made by a collaboration of NASA and Doctor Michael Debakey. Another device is the anti-icing system, this is a thermoelectric deicing structure referred to as throwing. This system allows pilots to fly small planes in ice conditions and provides a heating system made for bigger planes. Artificial limbs are another technology made with NASA spinoffs, it’s the designing of synthetic muscle design with robotic recognition and actuation abilities, that develops new and improved resolutions for animals and human prostheses. Chemical detection, this is an optical intelligent system that forms moisture and ph. and sensitive indicators to caution of potentially dangerous collusive condition before the big damage is done.