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Sample Report Paper on Extended for Order ID: 154367093

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Sample Report Paper on Extended for Order ID: 154367093

According to Banchan in his book, Kali Linux there is the needs to keep your computer network system secure at all times. Throughout the book the author describes thevulnerability in a systems and a step by step guide on how to efficiently eliminate them. The author also explores the various operating systems such as windows and Linux environment and how to secure them from the various vulnerabilities.  Chapter one of the book looks at the instructions needed to secure servers and desktops from various vulnerability. It explores the different vulnerability in Linux and advanced security for advanced Microsoft environment users.  Chapter two similar to chapter one generates the generic vulnerabilities in Linux environment and the basic concept of CRF controls as well as the advanced setup in Linux environment. Chapter three explores the wireless systems and WI-FI enabled devices which does no exempt smartphones and tablets. The journal entry will have a close look of the first three chapters.

Chapter one has covered several issues and guide on how to resolve and protect computer from vulnerability.  The first guide in the chapter explains how to create a vulnerable server or desktop on a windows platform. The next stage involves the selection of the various vulnerabilities to host on the machine. Furthermore, a detailed installation procedure for Adobe ColdFusion installation is well laid out.   The other issue that has been looked at is the setup of MSSQL in the windows environment. The author gives details on the steps one has to take to setup the MSSQL in the window and Linux operating system. The author does not stop there as he also explains how to set up a secure TFTP, which is a file transfer protocol on a system.

Chapter two of the book becomes much easier to grasp with the basics covered in the first chapter. The chapter focuses on the Linux platform which basically works on the principle of learning from the past to ensure no repetition of the mistakes made earlier. The focus of the chapter is on the binary in the past to the current binary. The first thing that the author looks at is the comparison of the Microsoft and Linux platforms. An in-depth coverage of the SMB is assessed in the chapter. Another activity covered in the chapter is the setting up vulnerable telnet server. Further, the author also explains and guide through the steps of setting up vulnerable LAMP servers on Linux platform. Other vulnerabilities creation explained in the chapter involves vulnerable operating systems, vulnerable telnet servers and an exploitation of how to combine the vulnerabilities to exploit a system in a given scenario. The author has also provided a number of codes to exploit a computer system network.

Finally, the third chapter explores the vulnerabilities in wireless networks. The chapter has given a detailed guide on how to exploit the traditional vulnerabilities in the mobile technology to set up vulnerable loop in the wireless network. The chapter begins by first listing the items and tools need to create vulnerabilities on wireless and mobile networks.  An in-depth explanation of how to set up the network is given within the first few pages of the chapter. Furthermore, the author goes to a deep illustration of the dummy and WEP networks. To capture handshake on the wireless network the authors explains how to do so using a setup of WPA2 networks. The vulnerabilities on mobile devices and the most vulnerable devices are looked at an in-depth level.

At the end of the chapter the author has explains at a glance the importance of exploring these vulnerabilities to enhance network security. Using the WEP and WPA2 protocols the author describes how malicious calls, text messages and any other data can be intercepted and discarded. Such a process refers to the-man-in-the-middle technique. For instance, a government through its security agency and with the right authorization can snoop on communication on suspected terrorist or people carry out illegal deals on the network. As a result, the security department is able to get evidence and even stop criminal activities before they even happen. Therefore, with the new technological advancement and increased use of wireless devices such as smart phones it is important that any network administrator create vulnerability on the system snooping illegal activities. As such, the network will be secure and safe to use.

III. Opinion/Impact:

Microsoft environment is he most commonly used in the entire world. Creation of vulnerabilities in these systems is much easier and there is more vulnerability in windows environment due to the conservative nature of the design and implementation of the codes in this environment. The tools used in setting up vulnerable windows machines are easily accessible via the internet. The systematic guide given in exploiting the Microsoft systems loopholes makes it much easier. The codes to use in setting up the vulnerable system are easy command lines that any computer novice can understand and implement. Given the wide usage of windows servers and computers there is need to grasp the concepts of setting up vulnerable scenario to ensure that you come up with the best ways to protect the system.

Linux systems are always involving each day unlike the windows environment. Linux is an open source platform and anyone can make changes to the codes as long as it is for the better of the Linux community. Linux is much easier to use after having the basic Microsoft environment set of skills. The best thing in using Linux is the ease of accessing the command prompt and the operational speeds compared to Microsoft. The one thing that any regulator in cybercrimes would discourage the use of Linux is it ability to hide the user ID. Therefore, for hacker who wants to sniff and spoof system and remain anonymous the best system to use is the Linux. Linux is highly dynamic and has many advantages for any individual with the need to create vulnerable network. The system is not common, is also less prone to attacks, and is best to use in an organization that has sensitive information of its clients like banks.

For wireless network, important skills on how to snoop on a network, learn the history of the user, and manipulate some activities have been covered. The man-in-the-middle attack is a vulnerability that can be utilized to test the wireless network without proxy. The advanced skills in testing this network can be built up from the basics gathered. These skills are vital to a network administrator to exploit a network and make sure it is very secure. The-man-in-the-middle technique can further be utilized to ensure that the user do not send or carryout illegal activities within the network.  The toolkits are mostly important for use in a mobile service company or for the government to track criminal activities in a network and trace individuals.Secondary, vulnerabilities are explored on various handset devices. Finally, the authors guide on how to combine the entire scenario to exploit the wireless network.

The three chapters have therefore, explored to a great length how to setup vulnerable networks on the various platform. Chapter 1 covers the vulnerability setup of Microsoft desktops and servers. Chapter 2 also exploits the vulnerabilities in network using Linux network as well the comparison with that of the Microsoft operating systems. Third chapter has captured the vulnerabilities creation in wireless network. The lesson gained at the end of it all is vital to any network administrator or government department. The vulnerabilities creation on a network is also vital to companies when making important decision regarding the type of systems to use. This is because a company stores very sensitive information on their networks and if the information leaks out it could have detrimental effects on the company’s profitability. A recent research shows that the losses companies incur on an annual bases is due to network and their system been hacked or experience network related theft and data loss. This has been mostly in the financial sector where elite and young computer addicts have come up with very complicated systems to hack and steal from client accounts in very small amounts unnoticeable to individuals. As such, banks and other financial firms have been incurring huge losses.


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Sample Report Paper on Extended for Order ID: 154367093

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Sample Report Paper on Extended for Order ID: 154367093

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