Sample Paper on “What Is an Idea?”

An idea is a mental product that aims at explaining the possible course of action or suggestion. However, there is a need to differentiate between other mental products and ideas. There are three ways which this can be done: first, an idea is always connected to others that lead to it or from it. Secondly, an idea has all the capacity to generate more ideas and transform them into actions. Finally, unlike other mental products, ideas should be able to provide more than just one argument. An idea should never have that fixed mind or position. Controversies are expected, but they can be well handled by the fact that we always give reasons for or against the whole idea.

Sometimes, the arguments for our ideas turn out to be flexible in a way, and eventually, they help out in that they turn out to be the most supportive ones in the argument. From the examples given, it is clear that most arguments that people pose might not be ideas but must have that idea that must have brought it or that must have given the speaker that kind of mind. In an argument, while giving ideas, it’s so easy to express one’s mind in writing than when speaking. This is because when people talk, they rely on facial expressions and other things. Conversely, when they write, they give their mind fully, and this fills every gap.

All in all, I totally agree with the writer that writing would offer a better learning method that helps to exchange ideas.Writing is the best way to express ourselves since it will give a factual mind. Writers should also avoid larger vocabularies and aim at clearer ideas and intentions. Therefore, writing offers a more comprehensive bit of ideas than speaking.