Sample Paper on PMU Application

We are living in a highly modernized society whereby technology is taking center-stage in the provision of services in various institutions. Schools, in particular, are extensively making use of modern information communication technology advancements to deliver services to students. With ICT, it is now common to see schools investing heavily in open and distance modes of learning or online collaboration. This has led to convenience and flexibility since learners can take courses even from the comfort of their homes hence they can work and learn at the same time. PMU has not been left behind in embracing technology through its PMU Mobile application created in 2014. The university’s student council is mandated to manage the mobile application that is used to enhance learning and other activities in the institution. The main purposes of the app are for students to connect with their student body and also keep them informed regarding various events and activities happening in the institution.

What are the key features of the PMU Application?

The application contains over 15 key features that make it able to serve its purpose of passing important information to the students. It has the ‘about us’ section where students can be able to read about the creators of the app and also find their contacts. A wonderful feature that everyone is bound to find interesting is ‘Lost, and Found” where students can report lost materials and the owners can easily find them. The application also allows the students to have their voices heard through the ‘suggestions’ feature whereby they can suggest various propositions to the university management. Moreover, another important feature is “book sources’ where students can access all sorts of learning resources. The resources section has other smaller features such as weekly university newsletter and library material that students can access. Another feature is the ‘tweekly’ section where students can read various columns of writers in the university, play games and also find more information about their instructors. Other key sections include the campus directory, campus life where students can access information such as forming a club or event, and academics sections where students can get informed about financial aid programs and scholarships. Since it is a new app, a year old, there is the ‘survey’ feature where students can answer a few questions about the app. The survey questions seek to know student satisfaction on the app especially on the app language, organization, and user friendliness.

What are the advantages and limitations of the PMU Application?

Through the big number of app features, it is no doubt that PMU Application has a lot of advantages to the students and the university administration. One main benefit is through the ‘Lost & Found’ feature that allows students to get their lost items back. It is common to lose items, such as identification documents and other academic papers in the university hence with this app, lost items are often reported on time, and their owners can have them back. The resources feature also presents various benefits to the students. Through this feature, they can benefit by accessing learning materials hence a boost to academics and learning activities. The fact that students can be informed about various upcoming events and activities is another advantage because they can access the information conveniently on their mobile phones.  This eliminates the need to use noticeboards and school websites that not every student can access every time. The Tweekly section that has ‘games corner’ and ‘writer’s column’ benefit the student since they can spend their leisure time playing games or reading interesting articles posted by the university’s prolific writers. The university administration including the elected students’ body is also able to benefit from the ability to connect to the students through the use of the app. The suggestions received from students through the app can also enable the university to improve its quality of services.While PMU application has a wide number of benefits, it also has some identifiable limitations such as a poor user interface. Besides, the gaming feature may also affect the app as most students may spend most of their time playing.

What are the possible areas that can improve the PMU Application?

So far so good for the app creators, but there are improvements that can make it better in serving the students. For instance, a better user interface with better alignment of features is required so that students can easily navigate through. A more advanced color scheme for the app is also required to enhance a better user interface. A new feature that can be used to improve the app is the introduction of ‘online chat’ that can be used by the app managers, student council, to offer direct assistance to students by chatting with them online. The app can also include business innovation, and incubation section that allows for students to present various business ideas and the university can then help them out to meet those ideas through resources aid.