Sample Paper on How Secure is Passbook?

How Secure is Passbook?

Passbook is an iPhone mobile-based Operating System (iOS) that allows individuals to turn his or her iPhone into kind of a generic digital wallet and makes it easy to access passes on a single roof. Thus, you can use the app to keep your boarding passes, tickets, coupons, and loyalty cards as well as access other online services.

Since its inception in September, 2012 it was not received well as a most buyers have remained reluctant to embrace it, while at the same time continued unrest amongst the very user on security of Passbook application remains a key challenge to making users like it. Taunted as a digital wallet, it remains observed to see its billing as those who have tried or used it do attest that the app is an innovative gadget of its ilk in mobile money transaction.

Thus, following questionability of an app’s reliability by its users, the paper will try to review the app’s security in terms of reliability and features. Below is a discussion of limitations, delimitations, and assumptions associated with Passbook.

The title

How secure is Apple Passbook?


The use of Apple Passbook is secure.

Null hypothesis

There is no different in security when using Apple Passbook in relation to its reliability and features.


  • It faces security challenges due to the increasing variety of cards from a third party and the outlet serving you.
  • It is not able to store every single barcode from every store
  • It only works with iOS apps that support it.
  • It requires installing other or company‘s app before you set up and using it.
  • Users do not know how to use it or existence of the application, as it is not convenient and user friendly.
  • It relies on the third parties to generate apps, passes, or codes that are passbook-enabled.
  • Only a few companies support it.
  • It does not reduce security risk
  • It is an Apple Pay generic wallet
  • It is coupon based