Sample Paper on Global Warming

There are several controversies that surround the issue of global warming with others believing that it exists while there are those who are skeptical about it to the point of denying its existence. There has been a campaign to undermine the climate science that explains global warming with the main aim of making the public question their relevance and accuracy.  This is because the scientists have not provided valid reasons to prove and convince people that global warming is attributed by human activities.

Some of the convincing controversies that discredit the science behind global warming is the idea that human activities contributes to warming. This information has been denied with the critics claiming that the warming that was experienced in the year 1998 was attributed by the position of the sun and the cosmic rays (Rahmstorf, 2004). These groups of critics have made claims that natural variability resulted in the intense warming thus human activities has little to do with it.  The main claims that scientists have made is the fact that humans increase level of carbon dioxide in the environment through manufacturing, fossil burning and also mining (Lewandowsky& Oberauer, 2013).

However, these are not the only causes of increase in carbon in the environment claims which have been refuted by critics who argue that the content of the gas is anthropogenic in nature thus cannot result in much harm.   Based on these reviews, it is evident that scientific consensus cannot in any way explain the trends of global warming today or in the recent years. It is clear that the scientific consensuses are more of illusions while others are making baseless claims to gain financial interests (Lewandowsky & Oberauer, 2013). There is no point of raising undue alarm when the real reason behind global warming has not been established.


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