Sample Essay Paper on Robots


The department of homeland security has embraced modern technology like the use of Robots to be able to effectively deal with the evolving modern security challenges. Today, robots have taken over some roles which were performed by human beings. Robots have become more important because they are able to do the job which people are not able to perform well. The department of homeland security is already using robots to conduct certain recurrent activities, for instance transporting goods as well as executing dangerous missions like evacuating people under fire, disabling explosives and collecting intelligence in hostile environments. This essay analyzes the use of Robots, how the use of robots will change the way practitioners do their job, what implications robots have for the future of homeland security and alternatives to utilizing Robots.

The use of robots will change the way practitioners do their job for the reason that they will have a great impact in addressing security challenges that are rampant in the modern society. Errors that were common with the traditional methods will be eliminated and thus increasing efficiency. Robots have great implications for the future of homeland security because of their efficiency in executing various tasks. In the near future, the US military will use robots to execute reasonable security using a few soldiers in battle. This helps avoid unnecessary casualties in particular regions and also to act as an alarm. This is geared to help boost the soldier’s response. The continued deployment of robots also come with challenges: the department might develop killer robots that might someday be used to kill people. The robots might be used to kill other people who may hold contrary opinion to those of the programmers. The increase in the use of robots in the private sector will allow some organizations with evil intentions to buy and use them to strike at their enemies, including the US. For instance, terrorists began utilizing nonmilitary personnel aircrafts as weapons. Robots have further been transformed into devices that cause extensive damage over the years. The use of robots will also raise policy issues on who will be accountable for security concerns in the United States of America thus resulting to conflict amongst various agencies. This may lead to a conflict between the docket of homeland security as well as other security firms on the party that will be responsible for anti-robot defense. Some issues like how much casualties will arise when robots are used to beef security could result to conflict.

One of the alternatives to the use of robots is the use of modern technology which is referred to as radars which can capture full radius and help identify motion in all forms of lighting. The failure of their alarms is noticeable and is simple to command unlike robots which require advanced programming for effective functioning. Robots cannot perform the tasks that have not been programmed in them unlike radars and thus it is this factor that makes them limited in some actions. This is one of the modern technologies which are being used as an alternative for robots in addressing security challenges in the contemporary society.

Ethical and privacy concerns

The plan by Korea to use security robots to assist in providing security in and around stadiums during PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018 raises some ethical issues. Stakeholders in the PyeongChang Olympics are planning to use robots to provide security and intelligence in stadiums (Security robots to guard 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, 2016). This technology raises ethical and privacy concerns because robots are not programmed to take ethical decisions. Robots might interfere with the privacy of those who are planning to attend the games because they are not coded with ethical codes and thus they may end up taking unethical decisions at times of ethical dilemmas.

As the use of robots evolves in the contemporary society, policy issues might arise. First, the US cannot assure that the robots would only be used in battle and fail to suffer from their own developments when used against them by terrorist organizations and thus defending against hostile robots will be as important as deploying them against enemies.



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