Sample Essay on Lockitron Device

Question 1

The PHP’s session_start() plays an integral role in the creation of a session.It has the ability to resume a current session, and this is done based on a session identifier passed via a POST or GET request, or passed via a cookie. That is, when one of the servers crashes, PHP’s session will resume the current or running session. On the other hand, session variables are known to contain information similar to the initial information, and thus, when one of the servers crashes, retrieval of the previous information is possible.

Question 2

First, storing product images in the database makes them more insecure as compared to other forms such as a URL. Second, product images when pulled out can easily throw the performance of the database into jeopardy, unlike other storage methods or strategies.

Question 3

The inception of Bluetooth has enabled the transfer of a message from a phone to the Lockitron device.

For Lockitron to work with any phone, it means that its interface must be internet-enabled to facilitate its connection or link to other phones.

Cryptographic protocols are the encryption procedures that allow messages that have been exchanged between a browser and an online server particularly in banking be scrambled.

Trusting the device would mean that you also trust other people with whom you share the device.

This idea is not a good idea taking into consideration factors such as violations, human error, and natural events. First, violations would mean that Lockitron is not handled or operated appropriately particularly if shared with other people. Second, human error is a serious challenge that the operation of the device faces, and this means that Lockitron may be rendered dysfunctional due to human error. Third, there is a possibility of Lockitron not functioning or operating during power outages, and this makes embracing the device a bad idea.