Sample Essay on Hybrid Solar-Cell Materials


The article for consideration is the Hybrid Solar Cell that has the capability of capturing more solar energy. This is an innovative technique of reducing installation cost through the use of hybrid materials. The researchers of this technology combine inorganic and organic material components. The materials use in this technology have wide range of applications like biological imaging systems, storage of data and diode that are able to emit light.

What political considerations do you think would influence the speed or likelihood of this technology’s development?

Technology is necessary for the development of other sectors of the economy since it ensures that different government/political processes run faster in a more efficient and effective manner. Several political considerations should be put in place to ensure the speedy development of this technology. Provision of supportive solutions to sustain the new technology, and political landscape should ensure that there is adequate security at all the points for these technology installations. This is because technologies of this kind are quite sensitive to the physical environment as they can be vandalized or stolen. Provision and availability of facilities to ensure the maintenance of this technology will be implemented through employment of enough personnel to take care of the needs of the technology. If such technology breaks down and no maintenance services or the existing services are poor then the technology may not be of use to the people. The political landscape should also consider the availability of people with technical skills and expertise to handle the development and rolling out of this technology to the society. The political goodwill of being ready to accept, embrace and assimilate the technology is another factor that must be considered. If it occurs that the political landscape is suspicious of a technology then it can lead to delays in its implementation and development.

What expertise would Congress or for that matter, the White House bring to bear on the regulation of this technology?

They should bring expertise in the standards that govern renewable energy through maintenance and strengthening policies governing investments in the renewable energy of solar. Tax credit expertise by Congress will come in handy to support and sustain the technological investments and also regulate its adoption. This is through continuous reduction of solar materials tax by the federal government. Expertise in formulation of new rules to govern new utility business models of buildings with space at the rooftops to facilitate installations and continued solar technology development. Expertise in research and development of new features and support that would enhance continuation in development and progress by reducing costs through increase in cell efficiencies, heat transfer etc. This research and development expertise will also regulate the new upcoming technologies that are not viable.




What do you think of politicians, mostly lawyers, making decisions about controlling technology in general and the technology you chose more specifically? Do you think that scientists or technologists are in a better position to make these types of calls?

Most lawyers have diverse views on the impacts of technology. This solar power energy will provide the platform in which different devices can operate e.g. cell phones. Some cases that they handle would be touching on evidence on phones, email etc. To them, the new technology can really have great ramifications on their profession as they have to deal with authentication, verifications and alterations of pieces of evidence in devices. Their view is to formulate pieces of legislation to control the implementation, development and use of this new solar technology. Scientists and technologists cannot make such calls since their major aim is to provide and advance new technologies that are able to solve current problems and improve the lives of the people.