Sample Essay on Golden Record

The Golden record refers to a phonograph record, which is gold plated and includes resonance and descriptions that have been chosen to illustrate the multiplicity of existence and traditions on the world. Every documentation is enclosed in an aluminum covering that contains some sealed unit and a pointer for protection. The content of the golden record sent to space had contents selected. The sounds (recorded in audio) and images (encoded in analog form) selected entailed assembling of 116 descriptions and varied ordinary reverberation, such as the whispers of the wind and chirping of the birds, among other chosen melodious from diverse backgrounds, periods and vocalized compliments from nations in fifty-five languages.

The development of a golden record is an involving task and entails critical thinking on the contents of the record. My creation of a golden record pertains to the life of human beings in relations to other animals on earth and their living habits. The golden record will be in the major scientific breakthroughs in health, where the revolutionary gene-editing tool promises to cure illnesses and solve environmental calamities. Such health issues constitute a serious concern and a threat to the survival of humans. It is because the creation will be a source of information in years to come since it will offer a variation of different aspects.

The record is expected to cure diabetes by discovering cells, which might be useful in curing diabetes. The discovery would be influential since diabetes is one of the major diseases affecting humankind. Previous researchers have been useful in finding a cure for diabetes. They have reported significant steps toward finding a cure for diabetes and have figured out the way to turn human stem cells into functional pancreatic cells that are the same cells  destroyed by the body’s immune system in type I diabetes patients. From such findings, I can compare the samples of eating habits, diets, and various cooking approaches  applied in the medieval period and those applied in the modern period.

The information could be stored using data archive centers because such institutions provide the optimal practice necessary for managing data. Furthermore, as research centers, the institutions are more acquainted with recording information to relevant mediums for future publications and retrieving the information for the public. Such institutions have applicable data for the public to use in developing, controlling, and retrieving information within an epoch. In addition, they offer secure storage safe from fire and flood and controlled access to prevent non-authorized use. Besides, this, the institutions are mainly guided by ethics and consent (Van den Eynden, Corti, Woolard, Bishop, & Horton, 2011). Such guidelines provide me some background knowledge on the way the data will be stored, used, and archived in the future (Van den Eynden, Corti,  Woolard,  Bishop, & Horton, 2011), as well as measures taken to preserve their anonymity.

As research findings, data will be useful in upcoming researches. In this regard, the institutions are positioned well since they deal with diverse researches and are more accustomed to requirements such as the use of pseudonyms in place of named persons, among other ethical guidelines. The site also contains the different links to several tools and services, for confidentiality purposes of the data. Managing data through data archive centers protects, maintains, and converts data to different software formats with technological advancements. Furthermore, the research findings on the golden record can be retrieved after a hundred of years and used to compare the emerging trend in the lifestyle of humans. The information will not necessarily be stored in space aircraft since the data is more likely to lose confidentiality.




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