Sample Essay on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is defined as the distribution of computing services through the internet (Rountree 103). Rather than storing information on your personal hard drive, one can utilize a service through the internet, at a different place, to store personal information, or use its applications

Features of Cloud Computing

According to Knorr (1), cloud computing has a wide network access that enables services to be provided through private or internet networks. Additionally, it offers on-demand self-service implying that clients especially organizations can have their own computing resources. Another characteristic is resource pooling which implies that clients get services from a pool of computing resources, especially in isolated data centers. Its services can be smaller or larger; and the usage of a service is determined and clients are billed accordingly. In brief, characteristics of computer clouding are wider access, offering on-demand services, and resource pooling.

How it Works

Cloud computing offers its services through the use of service models. They include Software as a service (SaaS); it works through providing a pre-made application, OS, network, and hardware. In Platform as a Service (PaaS), under this service model, the network, hardware, and operating system are given and the clients installs or comes up with his own applications or software. According to Rountree(107), the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model works through providing network and hardware. This allows customers to install their personal software, operating system, and applications

Impacts of Cloud Computing to Human Life

Cloud computing has several impacts to human life specifically in the service industry and they include the following; it enables people and businesses to utilize hardware and software that are under the management of third parties at remote places (Brown 4). Secondly, the cloud computing allows individuals to access computer resources and information from any place where there is availability of network connection. Furthermore, it offers a collective pool of resources for instance, networks, storage space for data, and processing power for computers. The various benefits of cloud computing make the majority of individuals to utilize the service.

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