Sample Essay on Aerospace Travel is Worth It

For decades, scientists have been exploring the universe in the aerospace industry which might seem to be an adventure oriented initiative, but their main aim and the aim of every individual interested in aerospace is to discover the potentials of the solar system. It is true that space travel is very expensive, but space acts as an external focus where humanity can direct energy to create things that directly benefit us including alleviating urgent problems. I strongly believe Aerospace is a way of focusing on solving our problems and that of our generations to come but at a cost.

First and foremost, space exploration so far has not been in vain considering so many technologies tested in space and approved to be safe which have been transferred to earth and now benefiting the economies of countries in development. Space travel has invented several technologies that directly benefit the government agencies, businesses and processes of environmental regulations. Examples of those technologies include fire-fighter gear, a technology widely used in the United States which was first developed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for US Space Program. Another technology developed is the Freeze Drying Technology which was based on extensive research into space food that was conducted in planning for Apollo mission. The technique was commercialized concentrating on snack food, and today its benefits include the ability to prepare simple, nutritious meals. These are just a few among a dozen of new technologies development by the NASA which could help sustain life into the solar system. Space travel cannot be seen as a waste of money because it provides a mean through which technology is tested and refined thus providing the resources that we need to improve our lives and the lives of our generations to come (Jackman, 2016).

Understanding what goes on into space exploration comes with inspiration to people that want to help make space exploration success. That inspirational support and guidance have been succeeding generations of engineers and scientists who make the space industry so successful today.

The earth has gone through many changes because of human exploration, and some of these changes like global warming are detrimental, and they scare the ability of the earth to hold life in future. Many people have not considered the environmental, economic, social and political impacts of global warming. There are so much greenhouse gasses accumulated in the atmosphere and the effects of extreme warm temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns and health-related ailments among others have been already set in motion. What is worse is that the initiatives taken by governments of different nations to solve the situation have not been significant to reverse the situation and scientists already believe the situation is irreversible considering the continued accumulation of greenhouse gasses. Space exploration gives hope for humanity to extend its footprint into the solar system (Robinson, K. F., Cook, J., & Hitt, 2016). It sounds like a mystery to may, but there is a possibility that humans can live somewhere else rather than earth and scientist may eventually discover that. If humans need to evacuate, then space might in future provide residence in the moon or another planet. Also, there are thousands of asteroids near the Earth that could pose a threat to human civilization. Russian was hit by Chelyabinsk meteor back in 2013 causing deaths of many people including damaging millions of dollars. Events like this can be prevented by inventing technologies through space travel that can help change the orbit paths of theses asteroids.

Aerospace travel is worth it because it gives humanity a vision. It is important to note how incredibly far we have come from and how far we are yet to go. Most people will argue that we have set our priorities wrong but space exploration inspires generations to continue human understanding and developments and better off, scientists could establish colonies of the moon where generations could mine vital resources from the outer space.




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