Sample Case Study Paper on Three Discussion Board Questions

Question One

Sometimes referred to simply as protocol, a computer network protocol is a standard for defining the method used for data exchange through a computer network such as the internet, intranet, as well as local area network among others. Each network protocol uses a unique method to format data when sending the information. They also use unique methods for determining what to do with the data being received. These methods determine how the data is compressed as well as check if errors are present in the data. A good example of computer network protocol, which is commonly used, is known as HyperText Transfer Protocol; it is initialized as HTTP. This type of protocol transmits data through the internet.

Question Two

A computer firewall can be defined as a system or a program that prevents or controls unauthorized access of a private network; implemented on both hardware and software, it controls access to and from a private network. Firewalls work by using certain predetermined security rules to monitor both incoming and outgoing network communications. In essence, a firewall establishes a strong barrier between untrusted and trusted networks, thus, helping enhance network security. All communication or messages entering or leaving the network pas through a firewall system, which decides to allow or block them.

Question Four

IP standards for internet protocol; therefore, IP address is a unique string of numbers that are used by the internet protocol to identify each computer when they communicate through the internet. The numbers are separated by periods. The numbers are unique to each computer; each computer uses at least one IP address to identify it from other computers communicating through the internet. There are two principal functions served by an IP address namely (1) identification of host computers, and (2) addressing the location.