Sample Case Study Paper on Customer Service at Datatronics


Customer care is a paramount aspect of any business to achieve its targets for increasing the sales volume and customer loyalty. The quality of the service the customers get my either improve or destroy customer loyalty (Wagner, 2003). In the case study of customer service at Datatroinics, it is clear that the management does not support and does not have a clear idea of the importance of customer service. Despite the fact that Datatroinics was not dealing with customer service earlier, it would be prudent if it adopts new strategies of customer service and analyze whether it will be beneficial to the company (Smith et al., 2008). This paper will lead to the information and ideas Matt had to collect and to present to the CIO of Datatroinics in an attempt to convince him on the importance of customer service in Datatroinics.


According to Smith et al. (2008), Datatroinics acquired E-ZRP and its employees for the sole purpose of customer care service but the CEO was not utilizing the newly acquired team into Datatroinics. Datatroinics management even slashed the incomes of the customer care department officials to 10% every year for the past few years. Smith et al. (2008) state that the CEO sees the customer care team as cost-oriented other than being beneficial to the company. This situation forced Matt, the team leader in the department of customer care in Datatroinics. Matt was trained in the first place be a customer care officer, but he was assigned a task, and he had no option but to take the offer or otherwise he could have quitted. Matt was not happy with the way things were going in the department he led.

Their concerns were not taken into consideration, and the department was not even informed of any new product introduce by Datatroinics (Smith et al., 2008). They had problems in explaining to customers the products with they do not have any knowledge. This made Matt air the concerns of his team to the CIO of Datatroinics, Mr. Joel McGovern. In reply to the request of Matt, the CIO requested Matt to present to him his ideas and stipulate the costs and timelines for the projects during their next meeting (Smith et al., 2008).

According to Wagner (2003), Matt should collect and present the following specific information to CIO at the next meeting to help improve customer service at Datatroinics. Matt should collect information relating to data management and analysis by using the collected data from the customer to assist him analyze their preferences. Matt also needs to obtain information on market automation to assist him streamline and automate the business activities to increase efficiency and keep costs low and reasonable (Wagner, 2003). Matt also needs to collect information on workforce efficiency to help him provide training tools to help the customer service staff deliver to their best. Matt also needs to collect information on market-driven insight to be able to gain insights into Datatroinics from the customer information.

Top most ideas for Matt include customer service technology that incorporates the Datatroinics line of operations (Wagner, 2003). These customer service technologies include providing a platform on the Datatroinics’ website where customers can seek answers from other customers and also answer questions from fellow customers (Wagner, 2003). Matt must present in his ideas, the introduction of a data-gathering software that can help Datatroinics manage the customer relationship in a more organized way (Wagner, 2003). Matt must also present the idea of a customer service email where customers can seek inquiries without having to visit the Datatroinics’ offices.

Recommendations on how Matt could get Joel support his ideas through:

For Joel to support Matt’s ideas, Matt needs to explain to Joel the importance of having a good customer care system in an organization. Matt needs convince Joel using the following ideas.

Matt should explain to Joel that by having a good customer service, it will create a good public image. When a customer gets satisfied with the service, he spread the news to other people leading to the publicity of the company which is a plus for the company

Matt should try to explain to Joel that when customers are satisfied with the services they get, then they will be happy, and shareholders will also be happy. This mean that the company will have more business, and more business means more profits.

Matt should also explain to Joel that by accepting his ideas, there will be increased employee responsibilities within the customer care department. This increased responsibility will motivate the employees to struggle to meet their expectations.

In conclusion, it is seen that the management of Datatroinics does not understand the importance of customer service in the organization. The customer care department should be given the priority since customers are the ones who make an organization to grow. Once the organization can put more emphasis on the customer service department, and then the customers will receive better services and will be satisfied.



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