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Sample Case Study Paper on CISCO Inc. Information Systems Issues

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Sample Case Study Paper on CISCO Inc. Information Systems Issues

CISCO Inc. Information Systems Issues

Problem Statement

The need for successful implementation of any Information System in an organization is basic to its operation. One of the factors that determine the success of any IST is the level of customer satisfaction. CISCO Systems Inc desires to achieve better customer satisfaction in the coming months and years. In order to achieve this, the IT department has noted some of the areas that need to be modified through expansion and/ further development to achieve better customer satisfaction. The identified areas include the inventory system, the data storage system, and the data security system. The department for improvement targets these areas by focusing on the scope, the scale, and the effects of various issues associated with these areas.

Scope of Problems

Customer satisfaction is paramount for business success at CISCO. As the IT team, we have identified the need to further develop the inventory system through effective and intensive storage of relevant hardware and software. This can be achieved depending on the availability of resources, especially finances that will enable a better organization of the storage space. There are items that cannot be stored in soft copy yet are necessary for future references and for updating the company information. For instance, receipts and vouchers, which should be stored safely may be misplaced due to lack of better organization in the inventory stores.

Secondly, the data storage system also requires some improvement through effective management by laying down structures to govern the nature and scope of data that warrants storage. In addition to this, the data storage system also needs to be updated using the available hard copy information that is stored in the inventories store. Ineffective data storage can probably lead to data losses and inexplicable deductions based on insufficient information.

The data security system faces challenges, such as unauthorized access to hard copy data and unwarranted modification of soft copy data. The department proposes changes be made in this security system by enacting authorization laws as well as organizing for more reliable security equipment for the data storage areas in handling hard copy data. The impact of poor data security systems is that it would result in security breach and foreign access to sensitive information.

Impact on various organizational levels

The identified problems have various possible impacts on the different organizational levels as described below.

Individual levels: – The problems in inventory storage, data storage, and data security systems are mostly likely to result in a breach of trust on the individual level. For instance, although the systems set in place to protect data from unauthorized access and to store inventories in a safe and organized manner are not effective, it is possible for the individuals in charge of those areas to be held responsible for any losses or further disorganizations in these areas yet it is not directly their fault. In addition to this, the lack of sufficient facilities and systems for handling these aspects may result in unnecessarily difficult work on the part of the responsible individuals.

The impacts on the other levels, such as the virtual teams, the organization, the inter-organization partnership, and the global levels depend on the nature of interactions between the level and the desired outcome. For instance, the virtual teams are most concerned with the data storage and data security systems hence any fault in these areas are directly attributed to the virtual teams. The organization might face losses due to insufficient information that may arise from both poor data storage and poor inventory storages. Poor data security systems are likely to result in organizational security breaches and exposure of confidential information. These problems may affect other organizations related to CISCO Inc. either positively or negatively depending on the nature of relationship between the other organizations and CISCO. Competitors may gain undue advantage while partners are more likely to lose when the organization experiences loss. On the global arena, the effects of these problems may be insignificant due to the circulation of resources. Since one organization’s loss translates into a gain for another organization, a balance of resources is achieved, which cannot be destabilized by a failure in a single organization.

Success Factors

In implementing various recommended information System development strategies, some of the factors that are likely to influence the success of any chosen strategy include:

Interaction of Technology and the Organization

The involvement of technology in improving customer satisfaction at CISCO will definitely result in a change in the way members of the organization interact with each other. In order for the implementation of the new data storage and data security strategies to be successful, there should be a similarity in operational culture between the new technology users and the developers (Kaur & Aggrawal, 2013). This will enable the developers to produce systems that address the problem at hand without sabotaging the abilities of the users. A discrepancy between the intended use and the produced system usage will lead to an aggravation of the problem rather than a solution to it. It is thus important for the organization to consider the opinions of the direct users prior to developing improved systems to understand the possible impacts of any proposed system. The impacts of the developer bias will thus be reduced through the interaction between the developers and the users.

User Involvement and Participation

In order to achieve success, there is no factor that is of greater importance than the participation of employees in the problem resolution process. The problems in question should be resolved such that it brings benefits to both the employees and the management of the organization by protecting them from the liability to the probable negative impacts of the problems to be solved (Vaughan, n.d).

Those individuals who are responsible for the inventory storage, data storage, and data security should be consulted in order to make the necessary changes. The impacts of unanticipated change and planned change differ in terms of usability in that unprecedented change may cause a shock in employee operations resulting in negative effects. According to Baronas & Louis, when given an opportunity to enhance the perceived benefits during a system modification or development, employees are more likely to accept and adapt to the resultant system. Thus, the IT team believes that in engaging the employees involved in inventory storage, data storage and maintenance of data security in the modification of the systems involved, it will be easier for them to adapt to the resultant changes. Consequently, customer satisfaction will be more likely.




Successful implementation of the information system technologies for the solution of identified problems depends on the level commitment across the various levels of the organization (Vaughan, n.d). There should be commitment on the part of employees of all the three areas desiring change. This is because they are required to give the first hand information needed to determine the areas where the greatest problems are experienced as well as the possible solutions to the identified problems. In addition to this, the organization’s management should be committed to carrying out the change, which will result in improved customer satisfaction. The management’s commitment must be observed through action in terms of providing the required personnel and financial resources. Other employees must also offer support to the departments in question to ensure success of the improvement operations since all departments in the organization work together for the common organizational good. Commitment is thus a necessary factor for the success of any of the planned developments.


No project can succeed without an effective plan. The implementation plan has to lay down the description of the problems identified, the objectives that are to be achieved in their solution, and the strategic procedures for achieving these objectives (Kaur & Aggrawal, 2013). For instance, it is imperative that strategies be laid down for achieving the objectives of organizing the inventory storage, organizing the data storage, and reinforcing data security systems.




There is immense need to make necessary changes in various areas of the IT Department at CISCO. The inventory storage, data storage, and data security sectors need adjustments to improve customer satisfaction to the desired levels. The challenges that these areas pose to the organization have various impacts at individual, management, and organizational levels hence the need for change. Some of the factors that may affect the success of new system implementation procedures include interaction between technology and the organization, involvement of employees, commitment, and planning.















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Kaur, B., & Aggrawal, H. (2013). Exploration of Success Factors of Information Systems. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 10(1): 226 – 235. 

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Sample Case Study Paper on CISCO Inc. Information Systems Issues

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Sample Case Study Paper on CISCO Inc. Information Systems Issues

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