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Sample Business Plan Paper on Technology Plan

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Sample Business Plan Paper on Technology Plan

Infrastructural capacity remains an important element for companies that would like to scale their operations. It constitutes the elements that make companies continue carrying out their operations, with technology consideration becoming a fundamental factor in most companies with viable prospects in other global markets. Technology helps to align a company’s operations in other markets by creating a central platform that integrates other units into a common channel to enable the company to continue delivering its services.

            Therefore, companies such as fast hand telecoms need to develop a technological plan that will cover all infrastructural aspects to enable it launch its operations effectively in the Chinese market. This will cover both internal and external infrastructural aspects that will help in handling online sales. The technological plan will take into consideration the workforce that is needed to establish the company presence in China. The various technological elements will be essential in starting the company’s operations.

Office computing

            The office computing will manage various office operations. It will include a computer network, computers, printers, faxes, and mobile communication devices. A computer network is a group of two or more linked computers designed in a way to allow them share resources as well as facilitate communication (White, 2000). The network that supports the devices will run on an Ethernet network utilizing CAT 6 standard cables, which will link the various data ports. The network shall be terminated at the office, where a network cabinet will enclose the network switch and the cables. The network will accommodate all the necessary traffic from the devices, including an intranet which will be deployed to help employees interact with the personnel from the parent office, through a mixture of voice enabled phones and PBX for redundancy purposes. The company shall also install a Chinese version of Microsoft Office suite to enable the Chinese workers communicate effectively during their work processes. 

Redundant servers, storage solutions with document imaging

            Servers and storage solutions are an important element used to manage and store company-wide data and information. This plan will use the client-server architecture, due to its vast processing capabilities that will be able to handle multiple user requests (Jawadekar, 2013). The architecture will support two servers running on Windows and UNIX platforms, as well as a datacenter to store data. The windows server will be the mainstream service provider while the UNIX will be a redundant server that will store a replica of data that will be used during outages, and to support disaster recovery. An on-site datacenter will run on Oracle software to manage the various compartments and also monitor the entire storage compartments.

            Fasthand telecoms shall also implement a document imaging solution to reduce paper documents in the office. Document imaging is part of content management that enables companies to capture paper documents into an electronic form, index them and store them in a repository in order to facilitate a future search of the same (Kitta et al, 2011). This solution will be implemented through the Microsoft share point server 2010 platform which will be installed in the windows server to provide the document imaging service.

            The imaging platform will be integrated with a standalone document scanner and a computer. The computer will provide an interface to allow workers to scan the documents, index them, and upload them onto the Microsoft share point server integrated with the system.


Video conferencing

            Video conferencing is a technology that combines both video and voice and projected via a high-quality resolution screen. The technology uses high bandwidth data to relay and route the data packets through the internet backbone. Fasthand telecoms will deploy the video conferencing solution to enable its employees to communicate in real-time with other workers in other offices. One of the best video conferencing equipment is the Cisco tele-presence (Laudon, 2002). The company intends to deploy an on-premise infrastructure that will consist of high definition video cameras, Polycom IP stations, codec, video display boards and a network connection specifically for video conferencing.

Automated Inventory

            The company intends to deploy an automated inventory to manage its storage processes. This will enable the company to track its available stock, order and replenish. The company will use the cloud-based inventory system to manage its inventory processes, as well as integrate it with the head-office system for easier ordering and replenishment of handsets. The company intends to use the platform to move its sales by establishing partnerships with vendors, who may order for the manufactured items through the online based inventory system. This plan will also enable the company to provide an excellent platform that will revolutionize the future global inventory system for the company in the future. 

Automated shipping and receiving

            Fasthand telecoms will use the loadmaster software to automate its shipping and receiving processes. The software modules will be installed in the server and accessed through the intranet and the internet. It will have an interface that the logistics personnel will use to initiate the shipping processes as well as the receiving of manufactured products or raw materials. Apart from this, the company shall also install an interface that integrates with international shipping companies such FedEx and DHL. This will enable the company to initiate international shipments through a click of a button, which will alert the shipping companies to collect the finished products from the company’s warehouse for shipment.

             Technology budget sheet




Cost (yearly figure)

Cost (5 years)

Antivirus renewal for 5 years

$15 per machine

$15* 40


$600*5 = $3000


office suite

$175 per machine




Server 2008



Unix renewal









Total $3250

Share point

server renewal




Internet costs


$170*12= $2040








Shipping software





 Total for the five years will involve renewing subscription for the services being rendered. The cost for the five years will be: $88,700

            The company will use an approximated value of 88,700$ to maintain the services of major computing platforms. However, periodic maintenance cannot be estimated, but will be factored at $30,000 per year. This will include maintaining the cabling, cable trunks, networking and minor troubleshooting. This shall put the five-year budget at $118700.

            Fasthand telecoms infrastructure shall consist of both hardware, software and network platforms. These will form the major infrastructural components that shall enable the company to expand in other markets, as well as set up its office. The five-year budgetary requirements shall enable the company to operate with minimal interruptions, with assumptions that subscription prices will not increase. This technology plan would, therefore, be adequate for the company’s five years operation.  

Infrastructure chart

Jawadekar, W. S. (2013). Management information systems: Text and cases : a global digital enterprise perspective. New Delhi: McGraw Hill Education (India.

Kitta, T. (2011). SharePoint Server 2010 enterprise content management. Indianapolis, Ind: John Wiley.

Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2002). Management information systems: Managing the digital firm. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.

White, C. M. (2000). Data communications and computer networks: A business user’s approach. Cambridge, MA: Course Technology, Thomson Learning.



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Sample Business Plan Paper on Technology Plan

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Sample Business Plan Paper on Technology Plan

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Sample Business Plan Paper on Technology Plan

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