Sample Book Review Paper on Brief Summary

The disposal of garbage presents challenges to the garbage collectors. Technology has offered solutions to these problems. I recently read an article about the use of robot to collect garbage’s from homes and organization. The article is written by Elizabeth Palermo and outlines the benefit of using robots to do the collection duties. These robots are designed with wheels that enable movement from one location to the other. Therefore, the adoption of this technology by the organization improves our environment. This article deals with trash robots that are a game charger in this field(Palermo).

The criteria to use in implementing the technology is provided by Brende’s article entitled better off. It stipulates that technology should be applied to work for human beings. Over-reliance on technology leads to inconveniences that are not only costly but also inefficient. This criterion is important in the sense that it guides usersin utilizing technology for their own good (Brende 45).

Second, technology is also expected to facilitate human action, such as milking cows and for communication purposes. The criterion is influential in the process of making decisions about the application of technology in an entity. The initiative should be compatible to the underlying systems already in place. Brende and his wife moved to a Minimite society that believed and discouraged the use of technology. This is because of the inconveniencies suffered by the society when they applied technological platforms in conducting their daily duties (Brende 45).

Third, technology is a facilitator not a moderator. This is where technology reinforces human effort. When technology acts as a moderator it controls human action a situation that leads to misconception. This eventually makes the ordeal ineffective. This is an important strategy to consider in the implementation process (Brenda 23).

In conclusion, robots have made work easier in different fields, such as in the manufacturing of goods. This makes technology an ideal initiative to engage in for garbage collection in organizations. Moreover, it will reduce human contact with trash that in most cases causes diseases and health complications. I recommend that the organization made a bold move and adopting this technology (Brende 23).

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