Sample Article Review Paper on – Authentication at Scale

As one reads the article it is evident that Google is committed to enhancing the quality of the services it renders to the consumers. The article is a clear indication that the company has carried out intensive research on the factors that may endanger the safety of their clients. The language used in the article is also impressive as it is not very technical. This makes it easy for everyone to understand, even the individuals with limited knowledge on information technology. The flow of information in the article enables the readers to understand the details due to its comprehensiveness. At the end of the article are a number of references from which one can get more information in case they need to read more about the authentication. The use of the references in the article also guarantees the quality of information contained in it.

Lessons Learnt from the Article

The article explains in detail the vulnerability of online users and the reasons why the malicious acts of hacking takes place. The hackers may not necessarily know the persons they hack but they may do it to reach a target associated with someone. The article highlights the methods used by the hackers to access one’s account. They use a login page similar to the ones that the individuals are used to thus it is very unlikely for the unsuspecting individuals to notice. The article highlights several password failure including phishing, offline brute-forcing, reuse, malware infection and the use of security questions that can be easily guessed.  By learning about these password failures, one is thus able to detect the activities of a hacker and avoid being affected.

How the Article enhances the understanding of Information security and assurance

Learning about the various methods that the hackers may use helps one to be keener when accessing websites and new pages. The article enhances one’s understanding of the motives of the hackers and the methods that Google is using to keep the clients safe. Some of the ways that can be used to enhance the client authentication of the clients is the use of channel bindings through the secure sockets lockers. With such knowledge, the individuals are assured of the security of their online information. Just like the clients, the servers are also protected from the activities of hackers. This has been enhanced by the server-side technology whose features protect their sites from downgrade attacks.

The main points of the Article

The article mainly highlights the various accounts that are at risk of being hacked such as the sensitive account, spokesperson accounts and accounts involving transactions of high value (Grosse & Upadhyay, 2013). It examines the main reasons that may tempt the hackers to target each of the vulnerable accounts. The article also discusses the common threats to authentication, highlighting the various reasons that may lead to password failure. The authorization of devices is the other major point discussed in the article.

My stand on the article

Based on the quality of references used and the logic flow of information in the article, I agree with the article. It is true that the cases of hacking are on the rise and they cause a lot of emotional pain to the victims. Through the article, one is able to learn the motives of these hackers ad the measures that Google has taken to ensure the safety of their clients.


Grosse, E. & Upadhyay, M. (2013, February 1). Google is investing in authentication using two-step verification via one-time passwords and public-key based technology to achieve stronger user and device identification.