Sample Admission Essay on Beta Testing

The game beta tested was known as Age. It involves the player acting as a village elder with the responsibility of helping a small village survive and prosper against a myriad of diseases and disasters. Amidst the struggle by the player (village elder) to help the small village, there are various events such as rain and scarcity of resources that jeopardize the salvation efforts. The player’s role while acting as a village elder is to give instructions to the village members on what to build, harvest, or research. All these, when done successfully, would see the village members survive through three harsh years.

There are various positives that accompany the game. Firstly, there are clear instructions that give guidance to the person playing the game. Secondly, the game’s interface is easily outlined, and thus, any person would have an idea of what and where to perform a particular duty. For instance, the space is of green color, and this would easily let the player know that there are no houses in the village, and he or she has to come up with some. Third, the symbols used in the game are easily identifiable. For instance, a person playing the game will easily identify the sun, vegetation, and people.

Despite the positives, an individual playing the game would come across various negatives. Apparently, it is hard for a player to determine whether the game has been won or not. The fact that only two chances are given to the player before losing the game is a weakness. It is also hard for an individual playing the game to counteract or overcome the disasters or diseases that act as barriers to the successful completion of the game.

The game is interesting and amusing, and thus, it is recommended for people interested in playing games. However, having a clear understanding of its instructions is crucial for those who might be interested in trying it out.