Sample Term Paper on Age Respondent & When Should Abortion be permitted

Method selection

            The method for conducting this research is through direct personal interviews and giving out of questionnaires to determine the permit of abortion. The questionnaires are open ended questions to allow the respondent give conclusive information on their views concerning all aspects of abortion. Particularly important is the aspect of interviewing people of different age groups and diverse cultures to prevent the concentration of respondents in a particular area only.

The data to be used is both qualitative and quantitative data to determine the outcomes from the direct interviews and the questionnaires. The methods should be flexible to use the demographic data obtained from the methods of data collection without manipulation of the data in whichever way. The graphs are a physical revelation of the demographic responses with regards to the permit of abortion.

Fig 1.0

The graph above shows the ages for people with respect to acceptance or decline of abortion. Apparently, the graph reveals that the age group between 45 – 54 years have the most acceptable abortion age group. This age group has a count of 38 while the age group between 25 to 34 years have the least acceptable demographic data that reveals that abortion is not accepted within these age group. The age between 45 to 54 years equally exhibits individuals with the highest always allowed abortion records with a count of 95% while the age group between 75 to 91 years register the least always permitted abortion rates maybe because by then the women have reached menopause hence cannot bear children.

The permit of abortion between the ages of 18 to 24 years can be partially attributed to the lack of finances and education and job quest. The mortality rate is always high among adults between the ages of 75 to 91 years hence can be attributed to the least value possible registered of women who might be willing to participate in abortion. The results of these demographics does not back up reasons for abortion and possible permit but shows some form of correlation which is adequate to make results that are entirely conclusive.

Does age progression change on making Abortion Permissible?

The construct of abortion might be dependent on progression of age. This might be partially because most families are stable to have children and hence there is no need for abortion(Strahan, 43). Most parents have a stable income and are into marriage making it easy to support the child physically, emotionally and cater for the basic needs for the family. The table 1.1 below give details of findings in accordance to research on the above subject of the permissibility of abortion with the progression change of age.

Table 1.1

The table shows that the general trend does not permit abortion with the progression of age. The general trend does not support the progression of age with the acceptance of abortion. In fact the age group between 75 to 91 years shows the least acceptance number of abortion this is proof that acceptance of abortion does not increase progressively with age.

The graphs below shows the demographics of data that were obtained with regards to abortion incidence and a general view of the need to proceed with abortion or to refrain from the vice totally. The valid percentage reveals that the ages 45 to 54 years to have registered the highest percentage of 21%. This age group had the highest respondents in relation to abortion. The least number of respondents were within the age groups of 75 to 91 years registering a valid percentage of 7.9%. The results obtained revealed a mean of 3.715, a median of 4.0000, a standard deviation of 1.75737 and a variance of 3.088.

Discussion and conclusion

Abortion is acceptable for health reasons when the health of the mother is in danger or if the child to be born is deformed and the birth may pose as a danger to both the child and the mother. In nature, abortion is still illegal and against the principles of humanity(Jessica, 33). The demographics reveal that abortion in the age group between 18 to 24 years is very high. This can be attributed to pregnancies that is between couples who are not married and are still school going or in collage. This shows that the women lack some basic ways of taking care of the children or they do not possess the resources that can aid in child growth. Moreover, children born out of wedlock mostly means that the children will be supported by single parents which most women lack the requisite emotional and financial support to stomach during such ages (Lanfranchi, Gentles &Ring, 13). In whichever angle that abortion can be addressed, it still remains against human rights and ought to be embattled at all costs. Abortion is killing an infant, the future of the nation rests with children killing them is destroying the future. Therefore, there should be no acceptable age for abortion.

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