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Sample Research Proposal Paper on HI6007 Assessment Three

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Sample Research Proposal Paper on HI6007 Assessment Three
A business research topic.
A study of the factors affecting the negative perception that the internal auditing department receives.
  1. 2
    . A brief literature review of the research topic
  2. Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic. For a long time, there has been a consensus that the internal auditing department in the government of Nigeria is not doing its work effectively despite its employees being paid using the taxpayers’ money. There have been complaints that the audited reports by the internal auditing department, are not reflective of what is happening in the different sectors of the public service. For years, the audited reports have been coming out skewed in favour of certain departments which is purportedly, due to sheer recklessness and incompetence of the members of staff.Inefficient, lack of competent manpower, and poor organisation, have been blamed for this ineffectiveness. Due to the concern from the general population, the government through parliament decided to embark on a process that would see the auditors department revamped to make sure that the services are offered as expected in order to deliver on its mandate. This is because, the internal auditing department is very important for any organisations, agencies, parastatals and the country as a whole. It is certain that, the financial management of the different departments, ministries, agencies and parastatals may not be kept on check as required by the law if auditing is not well done. The Government of Nigeria has taken pragmatic and proactive steps to strengthen the way the internal auditing is done. This is anchored in the act of parliament which was enacted in 2014.Through this act, the government was to ensure that high quality internal auditing services are offered within the public sector departments. A number of strategies were formulated with the aim of making the whole process to be effective. The image of the auditing department had been greatly tainted; therefore, it is believed that through this paradigm shift, its image is going to be redeemed. The following were some of the strategies that were laid down: 1.To do things professionally by having in place the necessary documents that are needed in order to do the internal auditing in a professional way.2.Setting up regulations that manage internal auditing standards. The auditing was also to be carried out annually.3.To develop human resource skills and development, through recruitment of qualified staff and continuous training of those still working with the Auditing department. This is aimed at developing the skills of internal auditors and makes them proficient in the application of internal auditing standards, procedures, techniques and even the performance.4.quality assurance and improvement which will tackle the issue of improving the skills of the workers continuously. I realised a loophole because the government began the process of revamping the department without getting the real reasons as to why the services are not provided as expected. I decided to conduct a scientific research that would come out with the reasons as to why this department is not providing quality services. Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity
    1.Why it that there is very low support and negative attitude towards the internal audit department managers in the public sector?                                                                                                                      2. What can be done so that the auditing in the public sector can get support from all the stakeholders?   
  3. Does any connection exist between the quality of the services provided by the internal auditing department and the attitude of the managers and other people? 4. Appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project
    This research project aims at presenting an overview of the methods that will be used in this study. The areas covered in this research include: The design of the research, the research population, the population samples and the techniques that will be used in collecting the data which is required in order to get the right figures and the analysis.                

5.A project plan using a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones (if in a group with clearly defined      individual tasks, contributions and milestones)
Use Microsoft Project or other software to produce the Gantt Chart.
Your milestones for HI6008 are:
Week 6: Literature Review due.
Week 10: Data Collection and Analysis Report due.
Week 14: Final Business Research (Capstone) Thesis due.












Literature review due










Data collection and analysis










Final Business Research(capstone)Thesis Due






























  1. Description of the research process
    The following sections, present the methods and the tools that will be used to carry out this research in other to get the required results and achieve the objectives that are set out by the researcher. The parts covered in the research process include: the research design, the population, the population sample, the sampling process, data collection and analysis.                                                                                                      Type of Research.                                                                                                                                                           In this research quantitative and qualitative methods will be used. The qualitative research, aims to get the inner understanding of the reasons as to why the internal auditors do not do their work efficiently. The researcher would like to get the “why’’ and “how’’ of the auditors’ decisions. Apart from this, the researcher will also observe the numerical representation and the deep analysis of the data which is gathered. In addition to the questionnaires that the respondents will be given, interviews will also be conducted with the respondents and a few people who are experts in that field to give their professional dimension.                                                                                                                                                                              The research Design
    The research will evaluate the role of the internal auditors in the public sector in the government of Nigeria. This will be done through interviews, filling questionnaires, observation and asking oral questions. Through this, the objectives set out by the researcher will be achieved. The researcher will also conduct a literature review on the attitude and perception that people have towards the internal auditing department in the public sector.                                                                                                                                                                                The Population.                                                                                                                                                     The public sector in Nigeria, has so many employees, therefore, it has one of the biggest employees in the public sector. It has severldepartments, ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals, organisations and the county governments. This study will target the following population: 1.The directors and top managers in the ministries, agencies, ministries, departments,organisations and the county government chief finance officers. The sectional heads in the department of internal auditing will also be interviewed. Fifty people each from every county will be interviewed. Therefore, a total of two thousand three hundred and fifty people will be interviewed from the county governments. All these people must prove that they are taxpayers because; the internal auditors in the public sector audit the taxpayers’ funds. This is aimed at getting the perceptions of the citizens and the general population on how effective the internal auditing is, because at the end of the year all these financial audited reports are brought out for the public consumption therefore, they can have a say.                                                                                                                                                                          Sampling.                                                                                                                                                                              Based on the identified population above as defined by the researcher, the survey method will be used by the researcher, where a total of four thousand people will be interviewed from the citizens out of the country’s population of one twenty million people and a total of 100 people will be interviewed from the department of internal auditing and 300 from the government ministries, departments, agencies, organisations, parastatals and the federal governments. The different sections of the government will first be grouped, and then each given a slot of respondents depending on its population size. Seventy percent of the respondents in the internal auditing department and the public sector in general, will be from the lower cadre employees, though their selection will be randomly done. This is because, they are not directly implicated and therefore they are likely to give information that is unbiased. The remaining thirty percent will be from the upper cadre employees. In interviewing and giving questionnaires to the citizens random method will be used in order to get results that are scientific and which can be used to represent the entire population. The researcher will also strictly observe ethical rules in research.
  2. Description of data collection and analysis methods
    This kind of research is based on the perception and attitudes of the people to be interviewed, therefore, primary data will be very important for getting results that are reflective of what is happening in the internal auditing department in the public sector. Secondary data, will also be very important for the argumentation of this study. Since I have to introduce myself and state my mission and intention before I start collecting data, I will first get a letter of introduction from the School of Business from Holmes Institute. Before I begin the research, I will first make a visit to the offices that I would like to interview people in, introduce myself and tell them the purpose of my visit and ask them for their consent to be interviewed. If they accept, then I will plan on how I will make subsequent visits to the area, based on the plan they will give me on the time and days they will  appropriate  for them to have time for the researcher. The researcher will collect data using questionnaires, oral interviews, and observation and going through the literature review. The questionnaires will comprise of fifteen questions that are unstructured and the objective choice ones. The questions will be set in such a way that they do not intrude on the privacy of the object of the research in order to make them feel comfortable to answer the questions.  The interviews will also not be in a structured form or formal, the questions that will be asked will start from broader questions that the interviewee will feel comfortable to answer and then the researcher will make follow up questions based on the response that is given by the interviewee.Thisis meant to fully capture the interviewee’s meaning and at the same time, to avoid as much as possible t imposing the questions and meanings on the interviewee.                                                                       Questionnaires.                                                                                                                                                                     There will be three types of questionnaires: those meant for employees in the internal auditing deparment; those for the other workers in the government, and the ones for the citizens who represent the general population and who do not work with the government but they are the consumers of the financial accounts that come from the audited reports.  The questionnaires will comprise of different questions depending on the respondents, but they will touch on the issues of reporting to work in time, the time of leaving work places for the five working days in a week, the quality of services offered and the general perception of the internal auditing department. The statements which will be perceived as the factors affecting the negative perception and the poor quality of services by the internal auditing department will be put forward.
    8. Description of expected research outcomes
    This research aims at creating awareness to the general public, government and policy makers on the reasons as to why the internal auditors department in the public sector do not offer quality services as it is expected of them. The information can be used in other sectors both in the government and in the private sector. This will help them to understand what would likely make the delivery of services poor as the internal auditing department does. The information will be helpful to employers and other people who are engaged in the provision of services to understand how they can make the delivery of their services to be efficient. The information can also be used by future researchers to refer and know the areas that have already been researched and look for the gaps in which they can fill through further researches.
    9. A completed Ethics Checklist.
    Complete and sign ethics checklist below and attach with FINAL research project proposal.

       All students will need to pass the final research proposal submitted in week 12 to be able to start the        capstone research proposal in HI6008 the following semester.

     Submit hard copy of FINAL research report to Holmes by 4pm on Friday of Week 12.




  • This checklist is designed to alert you to your ethical obligations when you conduct research involving human subjects.
  • These questions must be answered when a research project is proposed and before a research project is implemented.
  • Attach the completed checklist to your final research proposal in week 12.

Student Name and ID: _______________________________________

Title of the Project: ______________________________________________________________________

Please circle your answers:

1)  Will the human subjects be informed of the nature of their involvement in the collection
     of data and of features of the research that reasonably might be expected to influence
     willingness to participate?  Yes                                                                                                     Yes  No

2)  Will the human subjects be told that they can discontinue their participation at any time? Yes  Yes  No

3)  Will the human subjects in your study be aware that they are the targets of research? Yes         Yes  No

4)  If the subjects are underage, will their guardians be asked to sign the consent form? Yes            Yes  No N/A

5) Is the confidentiality of the human subject’s identity positively ensured? Yes                             Yes  No

6) In cases where there is a possibility that the human subject’s identity can be deduced by            Yes  No
      someone other than the researcher, is the subject’s right to withdraw his/her data
      respected? Yes

7) Will the researcher fulfil all the promises made to the human subjects including providing         Yes  No
       the summary of the findings upon request? Yes

8) Will all necessary measures be taken to protect the physical safety of                                          Yes  No
the human subjects from dangers such as faulty electrical equipment, poor
      grounding, lack of oxygen, falls, traffic & industrial accidents, possibility
      of hearing or vision loss etc.?Yes

9) Will the human subject be debriefed (told the true nature of the study) after                               Yes  No
       the data has been collected? Yes


10) In cases in which the human subject is dissatisfied or a complaint about the researcher or         Yes  No
      procedure, will the researcher explain to the human subject that he or she may express
      this complaint to the Subject Coordinator? Yes

11)  Does the study involve concealment from and/or deception of the human subject? No            Yes  No

12)  Will deception be used in order to obtain agreement to participate? No                                    Yes  No

13)  Will the study involve human subjects who are legally or otherwise not in a position to
  give their valid consent to participate such as children, prison inmates, and mental patients? No Yes  No

14)  Will information on your human subjects be obtained from third parties? No                           Yes  No

15) Will any coercion be exerted upon subjects to participate? No                                                    Yes  No

16) Will the study involve physical stress to the human subjects such as might                                Yes  No
       result from heat, noise, electric shock, pain, sleep loss, deprivation of
       food and drink, drugs, alcohol? No

17) Will the study cause any mental discomfort to the human subjects such as fear,                        Yes  No
       anxiety, loss of self-esteem, shame, guilt, embarrassment etc.?No

18) Could publication of the research results possibly interfere with strict confidentiality? No       Yes  No

19) Could publication of the research results possibly harm the human subject –
either directly or through identification with his/her membership group? No                                    Yes  No

20) Are there other aspects of the study that may interfere with the protection of the                     Yes  No
      well-being of the human subjects? No

If you have selected NO for any of the questions 1 to 10 and/or you have selected YES for any of the questions 11 o 20, please provide comments to clarify your choice (use additional pages if necessary).








Signature of the Student Researcher: ________________________________________________________

APPROVED: _______________________________________     Date: ___________________________
                        Signature of Subject Coordinator









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Sample Research Proposal Paper on HI6007 Assessment Three

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Sample Research Proposal Paper on HI6007 Assessment Three

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