Sample Paper on Project Report

Executive Summary

Mr. Lewis Hamilton seeks to open a professional car service whose goal is to provide personal transportation services to families, professionals, and groups of individuals.  Mr. Hamilton plans to buy an initial fleet of ten cars with the final goal being to increase this to 40 cars. However, Mr. Hamilton needs professional advice on how to go about picking an additional ten cars so that they can meet the requirements of his customers, and the company. Therefore, he has provided us with vital information of the ten cars already purchased. Based on our research, we have managed to provide Mr. Hamilton with useful recommendations in choosing his next fleet of cars.

Project Definition

Mr. Lewis Hamilton is in the process of starting a business in the car hire industry. His business proposal entails starting a professional car service that targets family members, professionals from various sectors of the economy, and groups of friends and acquaintances who are seeking personal transportation that includes both a car and a driver. In order to put his business proposal into practice, Mr. Hamilton is currently searching for a whole fleet of cars for his soon-to-be-launched professional car service. While there are already much other businesses offering professional car services in the market, the majority of these do not provide a professional driver as part of the service, and Mr. Hamilton hopes to use this benefit as a strategy to gain a share of the market. The target market for Mr. Hamilton’s business is individuals in need of professional car services that include a car and driver. Additionally, he is also seeking to cater for persons who are reaching for personal transportation that is both trusted and can be easily accessed.

Since Mr. Hamilton does not have a big budget that would allow his company to go head to head with the biggest players in the industry, he is relying on the personalized services that his trained drivers will offer customers as a strategy to grow the business further. At the same time, Mr. Hamilton needs to ensure that his choice of fleet of vehicles is appealing to the target market as a means of sustaining his company. At the same time, Mr. Hamilton has to take into account the varying tastes and preferences of the modern consumer in choosing his fleet of cars.

Mr. Hamilton plans to start his business with a total of ten different cars. These will include coupes, minivans, SUV’s, sedans, and luxury vehicles. For each of these five categories of vehicles, Mr. Hamilton plans to purchase two different models of vehicles. His long-term goal however, is to build his fleet of cars for hire up to 40.  The next purchase of another 10 vehicles will see his fleet increase to 20. As he plans to buy these additional ten vehicles, Mr. Hamilton has contacted us for advice on the best vehicles that will suit the needs of his customers and the company. Towards this end, Mr. Hamilton has provided us with crucial information regarding each of the ten vehicles in his existing fleet. Some of the key statistics provided as part of the vital information include the suggested retail price for the vehicle, rate of fuel consumption (in miles per gallon), number of passenger seats, size of engine, and truck space.