Sample Sports Essay Paper on Event management


Sports entertainment is one of the most preferred around the world. Sports events entails
much preparation for their accomplishment. In particular, WWE event happening anywhere in
the world can possibly attract a huge audience form across the globe. Therefore, planning is
required to accommodate the large number with their diversity. Consequently, usage of volunteer
services is inevitable n such events due to the mutual benefit that is associated with the event.
The purpose of this proposal work is to justify the practicability of such an event through
planning and revenue projections. Hence, the report will demonstrate how to conduct a
successful WWE event in Saudi Arabia using volunteers to enable the event.



Event management
Sporting events have become an essential part of modern life. This is because of the value
and interest they present to the societies and economies at large. According to Jones (2014),
Event management is the process of employing project management to create and implement
small or large-scale events such as sports, festivals, among others. The case at hand will focus on
managing a WWE event at KASC (King Abdullah Sport) stadium. The Stadium is located in
Jeddah City Saudi Arabia with a carrying capacity of over 80,000 all-seated. The Stadium is
equipped with required facilities to host a variety of sports events having observed international
standards such as football fixtures according to FIFA standards and the International MoS.
Therefore, the Stadium can hold significant sports events such as the WWE showdown
which will be held at the venue on June 7th 2021. The major purpose of the event is to offer
entertainment to the audience and enable career growth by hosting this event. Consequently, due
to the huge number of participants, it will be possible sell Saudi Arabia to the world. In this case,
Saudi Arabia will also be marketed as a tourist destination. With this in mind, the site will be
required to offer a safe and comfortable environment for the audience and the participants to
meet its economic and social benefit. This report will be presented to the Ministry of Sport
(MoS) as the initial Event Management Plan which will be subject to review. The plan avails all
the information to enable the regulator, management, and the volunteers be able to conduct their
responsibilities and successfully participate in the event.
It is worthy to note that the event will involve a main contractor who will sub-contract all
the roles to different service providers. This will make it easier for the overall steering committee
to gather consolidated data and take immediate action. The steering committee will be comprised
of three hundred board members. Additionally, fifty administrators will be tasked with the
various departments to offer tactical assistance to ensure the smooth flow of the event. Each

Event management
administrator will be in charge of a single task, and all of them will report to the Dulo manager
who will then avail strategic information to the stadium manager for access by the steering
committee. There will be volunteers who will play significant roles, mostly during the day of the
event. Therefore, the event shall be served by volunteers who will be offered free transport
services within Saudi Arabia to ensure both the fans and the guests get to the game and back
from the Stadium. The total number of volunteers who will be offering support services will be
close to one thousand. Among them to be Four hundred volunteers who will be responsible for
catering. The individuals will provide drinks, snacks, and meals during the event on their
account. Due to the massive number of audiences, there will be 100 stewards deployed to control
the queues and to make sure the line is flowing.
Additionally, 150 security agents volunteer will provide the needed security during the
event. However, all the queue management staff and security agents will be directly working
under the Dulo manager and his team. For additional marketing purposes, two hundred
volunteers will be deployed to create awareness by giving fliers and posters in marketing the
event. The event is also meant to demonstrate the stadium and the Kingdom as a sports center
capable of hosting major events like sports and music among others.


1. To create a plan for hosting a major event such WWE showdown
2. To demonstrate the state of the stadium and the country at large towards
capability and willingness to host events
3. To market Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination

Interest and Support for the Candidacy

Event management
It is the interest of the event management, the government of Saudi Arabia and WWE to
invite all interested participant who believes they have the necessary talents. The administration,
therefore, will offer free training sessions to all those who meet the required qualifications
(Solberg and Preuss ,2007). These include physical fitness on parameters set by WWE and also
have a certain level of IQ and sanity. Upon being vetted, qualified volunteers will proceed to
training sessions so that they can be oriented to the sport. However, individuals will be required
to make a personal arrangement to avail themselves to the Stadium to be recruited. Upon arrival
and identification, the federation will sponsor that athlete to the required standard and offer them
opportunities to become WWE stars and earn a living on top of developing talents. If any person
is disqualified, they will receive their rewards and be advised to continue working on their skills
set until they reach the minimum required standards.
Additionally, volunteers offering support services such as catering will also be provided
training on additional requirements, particularly for those who will be serving designated areas.
The purpose of this is to familiarize them with the local culture, international culture and the best
way to offer their services. In case of technical and essential areas, there will be a person in
charge who will be having known experience and expertise overseeing the entire team of
volunteers in the department. This person will be charged with the responsibility of identifying
talents and passions for recommendation to the steering committee for consideration in the
program of career development and sustainability. The persons in charge will be as indicated in
the management structure. However, tracking the amount of time volunteered will be tracked
using automated mechanisms to assist the steering committee in relating and making informed
decisions based on adequate information sources.

Dates and Competition Schedule

Event management
Successful events are fundamentally dependent on the preparation of the physical
infrastructures by employing a schedule that fits well in the event (Silvers, 2012). Therefore,
Dulo has decided to use the minimum amount of time to lay the required groundwork and give
the authorities and management time to conduct assessment and improvements to suit the
required standards. Consequently, due to the numerous numbers of temporary structures and
components, it will also take several days to ensure that the Stadium is left clean and usable for
other events. This is a way of conserving the environments and ensuring positive social impact.
As such, the following schedule gives the list of activities and their timelines before the event
and after the event to ensure all works are completed to required standards. It is important to note
that the preparation and execution will be between May and June with June 7 th being the event
day. The reason for the early beginning schedule date is to allow reception of all volunteers
coming from the various locations around the world and particularly the united states. Further,
the preparation dates will allow the sub-contracted companies which are mostly American based
to recruit and adapt to the local community due to the fact that they will be the majority.
Therefore, the extended schedule serves the event well and makes it capable of meeting
international standards.

Work schedule of WWE showdown event

Event management

The above schedule shows a detailed activity precedence that will be followed to ensure
successful execution of the event activities.

Transport, Mobility & Logistics
Table 1: Work schedule of WWE showdown event

Event management
In any activity, there must be the availability of resources that are found locally and those
that must be taken from other localities. In this case, the WWE event has attracted far and
distance interests and therefore, becoming a significant event that has severe logistical
challenges. However, for the regional and international attendees, they are entitled to make their
arrangements to travel from their location to Jeddah. Consequently, depending on the
availability of promoters and volunteers, the event manager plans to fund all transport
requirements for people around Jeddah to the Stadium (Goldman and Gorham, 2006). Hence,
this event wishes to promote social-economic structures, and the management has not availed
funds to cater for all the required materials and resources. As such, sub-contracting approach has
become the most reasonable technique to ensure that responsibilities are divided into manageable
components. Therefore, Dulo will be tasked with coordination and quality assurance with the
assistance of MoS.
Consequently, logistical challenges will be handled by individual volunteers as a group or
on a personal level who will have been vetted and qualified to provide the services. This concept
will not apply to select athletes who wish to volunteer in the event. However, all WWE
superstars and their families will be transported through the expense of WWE.
The event is more likely to cause massive traffic jams and therefore, necessary
arrangements have been made to have free transport around the city of Jeddah through buses.
However, train services will be implemented for those who will be coming from the distance
parts of the Kingdom. Usage of Bicycles and motorcycles will be banned on the event day to
minimize traffic and optimize space usage. At the same time, the transport and communication
ministry has been contacted to ensure that no planes are allowed to fly above the skies of the
Stadium within this period to lower the possibilities of terrorist activities. Therefore, participants

Event management
have been encouraged to check in early as this may affect a more extensive area depending on
the prevailing security intelligence available.


Due to the significant number of participants expected in the event, Dulo has liaised with
the stadium management and established the need to diversify services to accommodate the
variations in preference. Therefore, it has been decided that volunteers will be selected based on
their ability to offer specific services to a particular group of people. The aspect of considering
demographics, therefore, will require request for certifications on event management. As such,
Dulo has been requested to consider the following accreditation for service delivery during the
show. The Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) is among the most renowned in the
world and is awarded to an individual who has been able to demonstrate skills and ability
required to excel in any components in a special event. The fact that it is recognized by ILEA
(International Live Events Association) gives it credibility and relevance in the event. It
will also increase the quality of services offered, which will create the most significant
impression on the audience and participants.
Similar accreditation for other teams will be focused to ensure quality services in the
entire period of the event. Among them are the security teams who will be required to have
PHYSICAL SECURITY PROFESSIONAL (PSP) certifications, the radio teams will be required
to be iNARTE (International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics)
certified among others. The respective certification must, therefore, meet international standards
to cater to the expertise required. Further, the contracting entity is necessary to have more than
five years of experience in similar environments to ensure the ability to train and retain

Event management
But the critical purpose of the majority of these volunteer groups is to market themselves
and increase their brand presence. This is why the management of the event has considered this
event as requiring of mutual benefit leading to the situation of no-payment terms to the
volunteers. However, it is in the interest of the management to reward everybody who will
participate using certificates of appreciations and cash payouts that has been appropriated from
the board and sponsor contribution. Thus, this will prevent cases of cash claims and scenario that
may destroy the reputation of WWE and the international regulators at large.
Consequently, it must be noted that the majority of the participant will be from the
national level. Therefore, the Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau will be consulted to
ensure the availability of quality services. However, the management has projected interests in
welcoming international players to the venue to provide representation and offer opportunities to
a broad group of international and local players. Thirdly, the CMP (Certified meeting
professional) accreditation will also be given priority due to its global impact in events
management. Similarly, other recognized certification will be considered for this event to
meet its objectives.


The event is most likely going to attract a big multitude who will include participants and
audience. Hence, accommodation remains an essential factor to consider for successful
completion of the event. For the event venue, the Stadium can host two stages with the audience
seated down with a clear view of the action. The challenge, however, remains in the time during
which the attendees will be outside the Stadium. However, Dulo and the stadium management in
conjunction with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism have undertaken steps to ensure all visitors will
be accommodated. Among the most significant efforts that have been exerted is guaranteeing fair

Event management
prices and the possibility of guaranteeing maximum capacity per room in the Hotels at any given
time. This will increase capacity and ensure people are given a chance to enjoy the event with
maximum comfort. Therefore, an adequate arrangement has been made to lower the cost of
accommodation with various hotels such as the Hilton Hotel, Sofitel hotel among others who
offer five-star facilities. As such, other levels of the hotel will be required to revise their prices
downwards following the standards that have been set immediately for the period beginning may
to May 2021. Following this agreement, communications have been issued to the international
community to enable them to budget and plan for their attendance. Inclusion of global service
providers has added flavor to the environment to allow satisfaction of the people and the
government at large.

General sports organization

KASC (King Abdullah Sport) stadium is designed to accommodate a total of 60,000
people all-seated. However, the seating arrangement is distributed to provide the different groups
and categories of tickets that will be sold during the event. Therefore, WWE events will be
conducted on temporary stage, specifically for this type of event. Therefore, Dulo has overseen
the establishment of the platforms to cater for women wrestlers and men wrestlers. It is under the
regulating body standards that such venues be established to accommodate the individual needs.
However, these venues will be constructed with surety that they will no interfere with the nature
of the stadium. As such, they will be removed entirely once the event has ended to enable
continuity of routine services in the Stadium. However, the seating arrangement will be done as
of the below design to ensure inclusion and value for money paid.

Event management

Figure 1 : General Stadium Design

Event management

Figure 2 : Seating arrangement
Therefore, there will also be entry routes form the waiting rooms that will be customized
according to the character being presented to the people. Thus, a team composed of lighting
team, Pyro team, Flooring and broadcast shall cater for the entry among other functions. They
will ensure that decoration of entry point to create the character in performance appropriately.
Hence, the return will follow the schedule as laid down by the stage manager and his team where
male and female athletes will perform interchangeably but depending on the number of every

Management / Human resources / Volunteers

Because of the intended purpose of this event, the event organizers in conjunction with
the stadium management and regulators have decided to utilize volunteer efforts to steer the
event forward. Therefore, due to the availability of many volunteers, the exhibition wishes to

Event management
receive the best expertise and best skills in individual tasks as will be assigned. Consequently,
the event organizer (Dulo) will focus on capabilities while awarding various responsibilities. The
fact that this event will attract a huge number of participants and audience opens doors for many
entities to market themselves and get to develop connections and liaisons. Therefore, tall the
volunteers who will participate in the event will benefit by using the platform to sell themselves
and their products.
In the case of volunteer athletes, WWE human resource department will be in charge of
vetting and absorbing those who will qualify for the event. Further, the human resource
department, in conjunction with the legal department of WWE, will be in charge of offering
contracts to qualified athletes. Also, the department will retain a list of all interested volunteers
and their contacts for future consideration and contacts when need be. The department will
ensure that no volunteer athlete in attendance will be left without hope as that would counter the
primary objective of the event. It will be the focus of the human resource department to ensure
that sustainable projects are undertaken to sponsor all participants in their capacity and
capabilities. It is for this purpose; this event was organized and established and grew yearly to
serve the interest of the gifted and talented.

Weather / Meteorological Conditions

Because the months around May to June are among the hottest months of the year in
Jeddah, it is will, therefore, take the management effort to ensure air conditioning and proper
supply of oxygen due to the expected high number of attendances. Therefore, new air
conditioning systems are required to be functioning as this will be the biggest event in the
Stadium and may exceed planned capacity. However, these will be temporary as the design of
the Stadium does not seem to be supportive of additional long-term equipment. Similar

Event management
sentiments have been availed to all hotels and other amenities that will likely experience a hike
in the number of people during these periods. Therefore, all attendees will be required to follow
these advises being able to plan well.
However, the sponsors have requested for a temporary metrological station in the
Stadium that will project weather conditions on the wall from the day of the event arrangement
to the day when all activities of the event will end. Also, this information will be available at the
stadium and site website and will be sent to all members who will use their mobile number to
register or book for the service. It is with great appreciation that the technical team notes that the
weather allows for open events and a final event giving room for adjustments and flexibility
required while designing the venue and stage. Therefore, the structural team will be able to use
this information to erect an appropriate stage environment to allow maximum participation and

Environmental Protection and Management

Environmental protection has continued to an essential factor to the public. Therefore, the event's
organizers and owners must consider this factor for the successful execution of a game that is
envisaged to be sustainable in society (Kundzewicz and Takeuchi, 1999). Consequently, event
attendees and participants have also continued to become sensitive on effects of events due to
their ability to cause severe impacts on the environment. Therefore, the management of the game
takes into consideration this fact and also note the effects of the environment to the participants
and attendees and will balance both of them to ensure a balanced plan.
It is unlikely but not unusual in Jeddah to witness sand storms or short heavy rains that
may result to flash flooding. Therefore, the weather forecast will be closely monitored, and the
Event Safety Officer of Dulo will recommend appropriate action if any should be taken to ensure

Event management
safety. However, this information will also be shared by all management team and team leaders
of the respective teams participating in the event through their leadership teams. Further, the
national army will be advised to stay at standby in case of a significant event such as a terrorist
attack or a similar scenario in the vent environment. Participants will also be notified of the same
to ensure awareness. The event management will also conduct awareness exercise using various
media to the people to ensure they remain sensitive towards conserving the environment.
However, there will be teams that will be pro-active in situations that may affect the environment
negatively, such as waste disposal. Such will be the establishment of dumping areas and
temporary dustbins that will be distributed evenly in the entire arena.
Medical / Health Services
Medical Requirement

In such an event, it is reasonable to experience various occurrences that may require
medical attention. As Such, Dulo being the entity that has been contracted to manage the entire
event has sub-contracted Saudi German Hospital to offer and manage all medical-related issues
for the period of the game. Hence, the medical supplier has been asked to place two doctors in
the ECC at any given moment during the performance and one medical personnel during
preparation and clearing events to cater for incidents.
According to a study conducted by The Event Safety Guide (2007), experience and
statistics, there is always 2% of the audience in such an event which will seek medical assistance.
The study further clarified that 10% of the 2% would require further medical examinations on-
site and 15 of the 10% will need referrals to a major hospital.
However, Dulo has conducted a review in conjunction with Saudi German Hospital and
established certain factors that contribute to the situations which include and not limited to:

Event management
 Poor welfare facilities
 Lack of clean drinking water
 Bad weather conditions
 On-site hazards
Additionally, the factors are considered while establishing a medical plan are grouped into the
 Venue layout
 Design parameters of the Stadium
 High-density area of the seating arrangement
 Location of the utility and control points and the venue contingency plans
 The presence of the large upper tiers, their entry and exit routes
Therefore, the Stadium will have a dedicated crowd doctors form German Saudi Clinic who
will be working under the Chief Medical Officer appointed by the stadium management. The
purpose of having a strong medical team is to ensure availability of their services at all times
coordinated to form the ECC which will also entail first aid services in the Stadium. In the case
of the team being overwhelmed, the chief medical officer will have the option of requesting
backup from the ministry of health and security organs when the need arises to ensure speedy
attendance of casualties. It is important to note that any participant or artiste is entitled to be
accompanied by their doctors to attend to their personal medical needs.

Event management
However, the medical team will be supported by a group of nurses as medical stewards. They
will assist in conjunction with the security team to locate casualties and to move them to the
ECC or other facilities that can help assist in providing urgent medical service. However, it will
remain the responsibility of a medical officer to offer a treatment plan after ascertaining the
nature of the condition and draw recommendations. The treatment procedure should be recorded
and the kind of the situation as well. However, the ECC manager will also mark the incident and
employ technology to log the activities precedence using CCTV to the last step. The CCTV
system will also help in identifying the cause of the event and assist in the investigation in case
of a crime being the cause of the incident.
Consequently, the police will be responsible for preserving the evidence in case further
investigation are required and offer the necessary directives. Dulo will also utilize security
agents to ensure security in the compound in addition to the police service. These agents will be
distributed within the entire area with police establishing strategic points to boost security and
ensure law and order. On top of this, it will be required that the management representative take
the responsibility of inspecting weaknesses with the infrastructure and report the same for speedy
collective measures as needed. As such, the following will be expected;
 When injuries sustained by a victim leads to immobility, the security agents will ensure an
efficient way of moving the patient and also cordon the area.
 In case of referrals and serious injuries, the medical team shall organize transport to the
preferred hospital through the ECC and the security agents available in the Stadium.
 Dulo will also have staff members who will assist that urgent services are available, and
hence, all the service providers will be working under these staff members. They will also be
entitled to direct access to the police bosses for advice and recommendations. Therefore, they

Event management
will be responsible for traffic management and access to reserved areas to ease control and
overwrite previous decisions.
 The Stadium Safety and Security Manager will receive a post-event report on all medical
incidents from the Saudi German Medical Officer and other attendee’s, stewards or Stadium
Facilities Manager.
 The Stadium Safety and Security Manager will also conduct a follow-up enquiry on the
casualty and consider any outstanding implications.
Consequently, the complete service and support team, including a security band medical
team shall always observe lifesaving activities regardless of the situation and circumstances.
Therefore, events can be brought to a halt in case the life of a person is at stake. This will be
communicated to all service stakeholders in this event. In case of incidents affecting any
member, who is designated as special Guest, the security team and the medical team attached to
that person will follow their pre-planned arrangements.

Recommended Medical Requirement

Therefore, to ensure the essential minimum in the event day, the following has been
recommended by the medical team to ensure safety concerning Guide to Safety at Sports
Grounds. However, this is tied to the approximated figure of 65,000 attendees.
1. 1 Medical Controller – Located in the ECC
2. 2 Support Medical Officers-located in the ECC
3. 3 Ambulances well equipped to Paramedic Level stationed in the tunnels
4. 1 Major Incident Equipment Vehicle – Located near the ECC
5. 1 Control Unit close to the Royal Plaza
6. 32 First Aid Qualified Staff located and distributed on all levels and in all first aid posts

Event management

Ceremonies and Prizes

To ensure maximum performance for all participants and audience as well, the stadium
management together with MoS has partnered with promoters to fund the event. Consequently,
the availability of funds has enabled the management to decide to award all artistes and
participants and some groups of audience. As such, all volunteers will be awarded equally and
handsomely in accordance to the amount available. Therefore, 25% of the money collected from
promoters will be assigned to the volunteer's individuals and groups. Additionally, 50% of the
amount in the reserves will be used to award the artists who will be entertaining the audience.
This offers an impressive picture of the management wishes to promote talents and not to enrich
themselves. However, the entry fee will be the property of promoters and the management of the
Consequently. There will be ceremonies to award the artiste who will have won their events.
This will be conducted on the same sport platform with the amount won being announced.
Similar announcement will be done

Marketing / Sponsorship

According to Sneath, Finney and Close (2005), Event marketing and sponsoring is the set
of activities involved in developing a themed exhibit to promote an event product. The study also
noted that events can occur using online platforms or physical and live grounds and allows
participation. In regard to attracting potential promoters and volunteers, Dulo has sub-contracted
a third party who will conduct marketing practices. In regard to this, the idea of marketing will
be based on the amount of revenue that is expected to be achieved through ticketing which
remains the property of the promoters and the management. Therefore, it is envisaged that the

Event management
marketing efforts will increase the stadium presences in the public domain and cause awareness
of the event. This will attract a huge number of participants.
Hence, the marketing efforts will be directed to all channels that can increase reach and
rich of the marketing efforts. In this regard, the minimum amount of revenue expected form the
event is SAR 1,129,350 million which is equivalent to USD 301,113.35 million. This is a great
revenue projection that will attract artistes, promoters and volunteers. With this regard, it has
been identified that many promoters are willing to invest in the events. The results have been a
huge capital base for conducting the event. Consequently, this has made it possible to have the
capacity and capability to accommodate a huge number of volunteers.
Communications and Promotional Activities / Social Media
A study conducted by Hede and Kellett (2011) found that event communication is tricky
and should be given emphasis for the event plan to work properly. Owing to the requirements of
ensuring information reaches the intended recipients, Dulo in conjunction with the stadium
management will use all the available channels of communication and platforms to boost
awareness. Subsequently, the management has requested for the establishment of web-based
platform to ensure bookings and enable prior preparations. Therefore, usage of social media
platform such Facebook, twitter among other media platforms will be utilized to give
information pertaining the event.
Consequently, to increase interest, Dulo has advised the management to offer free tickets
for the first 100 people that buys tickets over the web. Further, there will be continuous
promotion in terms of commissions offered for more than one tickets bought by a single
individual. Similar strategies will be used for hotels and others services as has been discussed
and agreed by all stakeholders. Therefore, usage of web services, social media and other media

Event management
outlets will remain the primary tool of information distribution. It should also be noted that
significant awards will be awarded to the volunteers and this will act as an attraction point to
ensure maximum participation.


According to Morrison and Morrison (1996), hospitality is the art of welcoming and
entertaining Guest with goodwill. Therefore, the high number of visitors that is expected will
require a distributed responsibility to ensure everyone is touched. Therefore, the hotels will be
among the biggest players. The expected behavior will involve best customer care services and
enough courtesy to welcome visitors. Similarly, the venues will be equipped with service
provides that will offer hospitality alongside their services. However, proper training and
refresher courses have been planned to adequately handle this factor. Similar efforts have been
duplicated in the entire industry of hospitality and locals have showed much appreciation.
Therefore, the expectations are high for the best event encounter in the history of WWE, the
Stadium and the city at large.
To extend the act of hospitality, the steering committee through the efforts of WWE also
ensured that funds are available to reward each and every volunteer despite there being no
payment agreement that was signed. Therefore, the effect of these actions is believed to have far
fetching implications to ensuring support and development of talents and relationship with
various communities around the world.

Media Services

Media Services in events are responsible for availing all the information needed to allow
participants to respond in accordance to the requirements of the events (House et al., 2010). All
media related actions, including the release of statements or communication with the press

Event management
should be handled by the WWE Media Team in conjunction with the KASC Media
Representative, Government Affairs and Stadium Management. However, this has been made
simpler by having a media manager who will oversee all media services. However, it important
to note that individual media channels will be handled by in charges. Hence, broadcast media
will be handled by NEPTVUTE and radio channels by REIDEL. Consequently,
SCREENWORKS will manage all video media. These companies signify the purposes of media
remains critical to the overall event management. The media shall be used to inform people
inside and outside of the Stadium and therefore remains important. Secondly, the media shall be
responsible for informing people in the Stadium of what is expected and what is happening and
therefore offer advice and help in maintaining touch between the organizers, the audience and
the participants.

WWE Event

The events day remains the most important part of the entire plan. Therefore, the event
execution will determine the success or failure of the entire process. A WWE event will consist
of artists form around the world and local ones. Each artiste will be given his waiting room
preceding his/her appearance on stage. There will be a direct path form the waiting rooms to the
stage equipped with designs that are acceptable by the artiste and the global body. The stage
having been designed with safe materials will ensure safety of the performers. The audience will
be well motivated and informed of what to expect in order to make the event lively on record.
Once a performance has ended, the two performers will exit the stage in rounds to ensure a
conducive environment.
Further, each event shall be supervised by a referee or an official who is accredited to
oversee WWE event by an international body. In case of injury or any other related case, the

Event management
wwe stage manager will order for a show to stop pending advice after evaluation of the situation.
If an event cannot continue for some reason, the next performers on the list will be welcomed to
the stage until the performance is finished as planned. It is important to note that female and
mala artistes will not share the same stage and consequently, they will not share waiting rooms
unless amongst themselves. The events will continue and end with awards for each participant
who wins in every match and finally for every artiste in the final ceremony which will also see
other participants being awarded.

Spectator Services

As every person in the event will be a volunteer in one field and a spectator in another
field, it will be expected that every spectator will support others while in performance. For
instance, DEGA will offer catering service and will be expected to cheer volunteer artistes to
motivate them. Consequently, all spectators will be allowed to comment and offer their
contribution at designated spots which will be forwarded to management for consideration.
Further, the spectators who will be joining for fun without clearance to perform in any specific
role will be required to contribute ate fee which will promote revenue collection. In line with
this, it is apparent that no attendee will not have any significant role to play in the entire process
of the event.
Consequently, the management of the event has therefore decided to offer them services
that will enable them remember the day and hold it dear to them. Hence, it will be possible to
market the event activities to all corners of the earth due to spectator service. Additionally, the
spectators will be required to remain vigilant and inform security in case of suspicious activities.
The will be made possible through our media channels and other channels like posters and email
services to those whose contacts are available.

Event management

Legal aspects

Due to unexpected occurrences that may lead to legal liabilities, it was noted that the
Stadium and the event managers will involve legal services. Additionally, WWE will also use the
services of their legal council to ensure that there is limited liability of the federation in case of
injuries. This will be implemented by signing of legal and bidding agreements stipulating the
terms of service and what is expected in case of such occurrences. The stadium management will
also ensure that any person attending or participating in the event will be compensated in case
there is injury to ensure fair treatment for everyone. Further, all volunteers will be bound to sign
agreements that will assist in their consideration and also inform them of their rights and claims.

Organization Structure and Financing

The event that is planned to take place on June 7th 2021 is a huge event and therefore, protocol
must be observed. The efficiency of this command and control approach can only be known if
individual knows their team members and team leaders. It is worthy to note that this will also be
required to ensure sustainability of the legacy that will be setup in the Kingdom. The
organization structure that will be used for the purpose of the event will be mostly vertical but
when need arises, the structure will become hybrid to ensure decision making are more timely.
Steering committee- This team will be comprised of stadium management, the promoters, Dulo

operations director and a representative of the subcontracting companies.

Stadium manager- This is the person who will be in charge of all operations during the events

and will be in contact with the steering committee chairperson.

Dulo manager- The Dulo manager will act as the primary source of operation information and
will report to the stadium manager and the steering committee. All sub-contractors will report to

this person and his communication will be final.

Event management
Catering coordinator- The catering coordinator will be in charge of all catering services in the
site during the period of this event. Together with the entire catering team, they will work to

achieve this objective.

Video and audio coordinator- Due to the value of this service, a coordinator has been selected

to oversee all communications including the CCTV surveillance cameras.
In charge Power and lighting- Lighting remains important in this venue and due to the
sophistication of the lighting system, the in charge will work with his team to ensure that every

part including the pyro are all working.

Stage Manager- the stage manager will be in charge of the action and will be responsible for
organizing the event show. He will give all communication regarding the match day including

the selecting the referees for every match.

In charge Decorations- In conjunction with the stage manager, the decoration in charge will
ensure the pyro and all required props and carps are working properly among others.

Event management

Event Management Structure

Sustainability and Legacy manager- Due to the need to continue with the sports, there is need
to ensure handover from the current event to the sustainability manager. This person will be
given the responsibility of managing the resources that have been allocated for this purpose. This
will be with the spirit of ensuring profitability of WWE in the Kingdom and as an empowering
program to the Saudi society. The expectation has brough forth the need to conduct a revenue
projection to justify this investment. The results have been overwhelming and are shown below.
Figure 3: Event Management Structure

Stadium Manager Dulo Manager


Video and


In charge Power
and lighting

Steering committee

In charge

and Legacy

Event management

Profit and Loss Account
WWE 2021 @ Jeddah

Corporate tax rate 35.00%
% dividend distribution 0.00%
Sales 45,375,000 40,728,400 35,784,950 28,220,100 8,371,500
Purchases 12,100,000 10,860,000 2,385,000 1,880,000 550,000
Stocks variations 0 0 0 0 0
Margin 33,275,000 29,868,400 33,399,950 26,340,100 7,821,500
Staff costs 4,830,000 4,956,396 5,020,829 5,086,100 5,152,220
Rentals 39,600 40,471 41,362 42,272 43,201
Other expenses 80,460 89,311 99,135 110,040 122,144
EBITDA 28,324,940 24,782,222 28,238,624 21,101,689 2,503,935
Amortization 252,567 282,167 301,500 328,807 328,807
EBIT 28,072,373 24,500,055 27,937,124 20,772,882 2,175,128
Interest 1,485 1,205 1,517 1,028 523
BAI 28,070,888 24,498,850 27,935,607 20,771,854 2,174,606

Event management

Corporate tax 9,824,811 8,574,597 9,777,462 7,270,149 761,112
RESULT 18,246,077 15,924,252 18,158,145 13,501,705 1,413,494
DIVIDEND 0 0 0 0 0
RESERVES 18,246,077

15,924,252 18,158,145 13,501,705 1,413,494

Table 2 : Profit and Loss Statement

The above profit and loss statement signify that such events are highly likely to record high
profits. Therefore, promoters/ investors have every reason to put their money in such events.
Consequently, the events are an economic advantage depicted by the amount of tax that is
remitted to the government coffers. Hence, the feasibility and practicability for the event is high
and this can be duplicated in any part of the world depending on the nature of the event.
However, the case here is a sporting event.

Cash Flow

WWE 2021 @ Jeddah
Initial balance 60,000 15,980,142 32,306,967 50,263,554 64,525,024
Profit 18,246,077 15,924,252 18,158,145 13,501,705 1,413,494
Amortization 252,567 282,167 301,500 328,807 328,807
Loans 0 15,000 0 0 0
Capital increase 0 0 0 0 0
Credit to suppliers 1,160,274 -118,904 -812,671 -48,425 -127,534
Credit to clients 3,729,452 -381,912 -406,311 -621,768 -1,631,392
Dividends 0 0 0 0 0
Loan return 9,324 9,603 14,697 15,186 15,691
Investments 0 148,000 82,000 127,200 0
Stocks 0 0 0 0 0
Final balance 15,980,142 32,306,967 50,263,554 64,525,024 67,755,491

Table 3 : Cash Flow

Event management
Consequently, the cash flow statement also demonstrates ability of the stadium to run its affairs
due to availability of funds at any one given time. This is an advantage to the stadium
management and the government due to the high return value they are likely to get. The
statement shows that the need for sponsors is limited unless in very special cases where a high
amount of money may be required. The graph below also shows a high rate of revenue growth
with time that depicts high rate on return on investment.



Figure 4 : Cash flow Growth

Balance Sheet

WWE 2021 @ Jeddah

Fixed assets 1,207,500 1,207,500 1,355,500 1,437,500 1,564,700 1,564,700
Amortization 0 252,567 534,733 836,233 1,165,040 1,493,847

Event management
ASSETS 1,207,500 954,933 820,767 601,267 399,660 70,853

Stocks 0 0 0 0 0 0
Accounts receivable 0 3,729,452 3,347,540 2,941,229 2,319,460 688,068
Treasury 60,000 15,980,142 32,306,967 50,263,554 64,525,024 67,755,491
ASSETS 60,000 19,709,595 35,654,506 53,204,783 66,844,484 68,443,560

TOTAL ASSETS 1,267,500 20,664,528 36,475,273 53,806,050 67,244,144 68,514,413

Common stock 1,018,000 1,018,000 1,018,000 1,018,000 1,018,000 1,018,000
Reserves   18,246,077 34,170,330 52,328,474 65,830,179 67,243,673
Negative results   0 0 0 0 0
Loans 49,500 40,176 45,573 30,877 15,691 0
EQUITY 1,067,500 19,304,254 35,233,903 53,377,351 66,863,871 68,261,673


Accounts payable   1,160,274 1,041,370 228,699 180,274 52,740
Negative treasury   0 0 0 0 0
LIABILITIES 0 1,160,274 1,041,370 228,699 180,274 52,740

LIABILITIES 1,067,500 20,464,528 36,275,273 53,606,050 67,044,144 68,314,413
Table 4 : Balance Sheet

The above balance sheet also depicts high strength of the business. This is depicted by the ratio
of assts against liabilities. The portfolio therefore is solvent and able to sustain itself. However,
the ratio ought to be improved by holding more events around the world and focusing more on
self-sponsoring than dependency form sponsors. This is bound to increase growth and profit
margins as shown in the P&L account.

Event management


Considering the number of people expected in the event, it is imperative to include a will
organized security strategy. Therefore, the main contractor Dulo has decided to take the
responsibility and have its own security agents instead of sub-contracting. In this case, there will
be 500 trained security agents serving in different roles and capacities. The agents will be
distributed on the entry and exit points, in the seating arrangements and other strategic areas to
ensure monitoring and reporting. The entire security team will be supported by CCTV systems
which will have control room in ECC. Additionally, all security agents will be equipped with
radio communication equipment to ensure updates are always available. The team will be
operating on codes and required to maintain communication throughout the time. Consequently,
the security manager will be in charge of this team who will be answerable to Dulo management
team. Further, Dulo will use the police service for backup and apprehension of offenders during
the event with assistance from the security agents.
However, spectator services will be instrumental in detecting and preventing any
occurrence on the event day. Therefore, working in liaison with various team leaders, there will
be enough security in the Stadium as it seems, the idea is to have everybody actingas a security
agent undercover. But there will be those who will be designated security agents of which some
will be aware of the spectator team leaders. As such, it is important to be able to recognize
everybody who will be participating.

Immigration and Customs

Every country has set standards and procedures for accepting visitors from other
countries. Therefore., Saudi Arabia government has expressed its intention to continue

Event management
supporting global travel documentation. This will not only allow entry for all volunteers
interested but also make it easy for them to enter and travel around the city as required.
Therefore, the immigration and customs department will retain the rights to vet individuals
intending to enter the Kingdom form other nations. But this will be done with liaison with the
international community. It is through this arrangement that WWE has expressed interests in
availing names of its international athletes to ease congestion at the entry point. Additionally,
this will create the opportunity required to ensure efficient and speedy entry of WWE equipment
that will be used. Therefore, through the MoS, all activities will be coordinated to enable explicit
involvement of the Royal Family and its participation. However, other global volunteers will
have to go through the process of vetting as required by the Kingdom subject to their invitation
to the event. Consequently, international participants will use their identity documents that are
accepted in the country to access the Stadium.
However, the management wishes to express its satisfaction in its ability to sustain the
teams for the period of time stipulated without challenges. Therefore, participants will not be
required to carry luggage apart from very personal items like medication. Hence, the customs
department ought to have less stress in checking visitors who will be attending the event.

Corporate Responsibility

It is known that such an event may create a mess due to congestion and some activities
may not be noted. Therefore, there will be a group of volunteers that will be responsible for
ensuring that the event does not harm the environment. This will include making sure that
disposal f waste materials is done accordingly. The easiest way that has been identifies is
availing dust bins in numerous and strategic locations to facilitate the process. However, there
will be cleaning procedure at the end of the event to ensure the Stadium and the city is left clean.

Event management
Similarly, the event organizers have promised a small amount of money that will go in to
renovate any structure that will be destroyed and also, to promote the facilities of those who may
be injured in the event. Further, the event organizers have decided to remit their taxes to the
government for the event to ensure economic development in the Kingdom. Therefore, there will
be a concerted effort to ensure sustainability in the Kingdom and the world over in the sports
industry and ensure that the event leaves a legacy to the Kingdom and far.


Technology will be used to enhance the experience of the attendees. Therefore, all
sections will employ technology to ease and allow them focus on the core parts of their services.
Therefore, technology will play a pivotal role in ensuring attendee satisfaction (Yeoman,
Robertson, Ali-Knight and McMahon-Beattie,2012). It is with great luck that this event is
occurring at a time when technological advancement has increased reliability and efficiency.
Technology will play a key role in the success of this event. Dulo has been able to develop a
working relationship with the military so that drone services can be utilized in monitoring the
venue. Surveillance will also include CCTV cameras and voice services. Media technologies will
be useful in information dissemination such as announcement and for commentators. Similarly,
the security team will employ radio technology in maintaining touch with each other and
relaying information to the control room. At the same time, due to the huge number of people
who will be attending the event, mobile service providers have been requested to increase
connection threads around the area during that time. This will enable all those who will be in the
Stadium to be able to communicate with their loved ones located in various places.

Event management

Risk management

Every occurrence in the world has associated risk (Leopkey and Parent, 2009). The study
goes further to suggest that risk is the possibility of an occurrence that is not expected and may
have positive or negative effects. In this case, we will focus on negative incidents. Dulo sports
management will be and remain responsible for WWE Stadium Event Safety Management Plan.
However, due to possibilities of being overwhelmed, state security organs will be involved
including other first-responder organizations with coordination by Dulo security manager. The
coordination will ensure response in an organized manner during emergency cases.

Stadium Risk Management Tool

Figure 5 : Stadium Risk Management Tool

The Risk Management Cycle shown above is an important management tool and should be used
not just in emergency responses but also as part of the day-to-day development of all planning
for the future improvement of operations. Therefore, when risk has been identified, it will be
mitigated by the decision that will made by the steering committee who will be seating on the

Event management
satdium during the entire period of the event. Therefore, following the proper protocal will
ensure that all incidents are either detected and prevented or managed if they occur before being
detected. Therefore, the various offices that will be assigned to every person incharge will
remain open for the period of time the event will be occuring. This is why, there will be extended
teams in every fucntion to ensure availability at all times. In case of any emergency, all the
stadium doors will be opened to allow quick exit from the gounds. The anticipated exit rate will
allow evacuation of seven thousand spectators every minute which translate to sixty thousannd
spectotors within eight minutes. This is acceptable by all standards. Those who will exit the
stadium will be required to assemble at an advertised site 500 metres form the statdium to ensure

Legacy & Sustainability

According to Cornelissen, Bob and Swart (2011), Legacy is defined as a benefit passed to
the community to help future generations. Further, the study explained the word sustainability to
mean ability to be maintained and supported for survival purposes. Therefore, it is important to
note that these are fundamental considerations that were made during initial planning of the
event. It would benefit the Kingdom much if this event plants a seed that will be beneficial to the
volunteers in their lifetime. Therefore, WWE management has offered to offer athletes with
opportunities to become part of their team. This will include full sponsorship for training and
developments of talents and skills. In this case, WWE and the sports ministry have entered into
partnership to establish a WWE league in the Kingdom that will ensure continuity of the sporting
activity. Consequently, the federation has also initiated construction of a dedicated arena in the
Kingdom to ensure athletes finds a place to nurture their talents.

Event management
The arena will be fully equipped and has permanent coaches to ensure maturity of talents.
In other parts of the world, the federation has promised to sponsor a full-fledged arena for very
country that will have a participant who shows significant level of talent. Similarly, the
federation will continue to offer support for couches and referees around the world to ensure
development of these talents. Consequently, the chairman of WWE is set to announce the nest
venue for the event which is supposed to be revolving around the world to nature more talents.
Additionally, the federation in conjunction with various governments has offered to
continue sponsoring various projects to ensure improved livelihood of societies around the
world. Therefore, it is the advice of the federation to ensure that the gifts that will be awarded on
the events day will go in the right way to make an investment of a lifetime for the individuals.
The federation wishes to offer financial advices for free to any athlete who will participate on the
event day on top of the prizes that each will be given.

The above reports have been able to show that it is possible to hold an event of a major
nature in Saudi Arabia. However, the financial projections have also demonstrated that this can
be conducted anywhere in the world where a sporting activity or any other activity has a good
support base. Nevertheless, the report has also demonstrated the immense number of factors that
need to be factored and well handled. Therefore, this report acts as a blue print for such events
and gives a way forward for such events. By doing little adjustment, there is a possibility of
duplicating the scenario in any part of the world.

Event management


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