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Sample Essay on FIFA 14 Video Game

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Sample Essay on FIFA 14 Video Game

FIFA 14 is a soccer video game developed by Electronic Arts Canada popularly known as EA Canada. FIFA 14 was released in September 2013 in various versions for the different playing platforms. The game is playable in all PlayStations i.e. PS-2, PS-3, PS-4, PS-Portable.and PS-Vita, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. The game was also made available for Android and Windows Phones in February 2014. An improved version of the game is usually released on yearly basis, and FIFA 14 was the last version of the game available for PS2 and PS-Portable. Preceding versions of the game are no longer compatible with the two platforms (Scammel par 4).

Popular game theorists website describes FIFA 14 as ‘a football video game that promises real soccer with brand new ball physics’. The definition is based on the features of FIFA 14 that can be compared to a real football game. The game enhances real teamwork with passing skills and is almost impossible to score a goal without involving 90 % of the players in the midfield and attack. The stadiums are named after the renowned football pitches in the world. The stadiums have been designed to look similar with real stadiums. For instance, FIFA 14’s Wembley Stadium has the same colors and capacity as the real stadium in England ( par 1).

The game’s most essential mechanic is seen on the heading ability of the players. FIFA 14 dice roll does not favor a player to accurately direct a ball towards goal or score a goal when marked by an opponent player. If a player, marked inside the 18-yard box hits the ball with the head, the ball will take the wrong direction either away from goal or over the post. On the contrary, if the player is unmarked, the heading-accuracy rating of the player will dictate if the ball will take an accurate direction towards goal. Players that FIFA 14 rates above 70 in terms of heading-accuracy will accurately direct the ball towards the goal post.

When playing FIFA 14, the opponent can be the computer or a human player. For a normal football game played within 10 minutes, the player who scores more goals than the other wins the game. In case the players score the same number of goals, the winner will be decided by an extra 5 minutes that can either be set to classic or golden goal. For Classic, the player that scores more goals during the extra 5 minutes wins the game. For Golden goal, the player who scores the first goal during the extra 5 minutes wins the game. If a winner is not found in the extra five minutes, a penalty shoot-out is used to determine the winner (Reddit par. 1 &2).

I played FIFA 14 on my personal computer. The PC version of the game costs $40 and requires a joystick. The game is installed to a PC and after a few configuration settings, it is ready for use. My personal computer was suitable for the game because it only required a RAM of more than 2GB and a minimum processor speed of 2GHZ. I played the game on HP 610 Laptop which exceeds the system requirements of the game.

The ideal player for FIFA 14 can be football fan or player. A football fan or player understands most football rules that are the base of FIFA 14. In fact, FIFA 14 is a real football video game that adopts over 98% of the football rules. Furthermore, football fans and players can use the game to understand some of the moves that real football teams use to score goals.

FIFA 14 falls under the Sports and Football Simulation genre. The ideal players of the game, football fans or players, either fantasize managing a team to win big games or major trophies. FIFA 14 and its other series provide its players with a chance to fulfill their fantasies (EA Sports 13). Furthermore, some of aspects of the FIFA 14 such as offsides and appropriate substitutions can only be done by if the player understands football.

FIFA 14’s game play gestalt is its capability to provide the player within various game play options. A FIFA 11 player can play a friendly game, a tournament and even take a career as a football player or manager. The game also provides an opportunity for the owner of the game to change the different abilities of the players according to their real world statistics.

FIFA 14 operational rules are typical to those of real football game. Apart from that, the game developers dictate that the game must be used with all the official updates. The developers also dictate that they reserve the right to modify or change any form of data incorporated with game. The developers of the game also warn users not to distribute the game to the public without seeking permission from them. The game is protected by the copyright laws of Canada (Smittenisi par 4).

FIFA 14 was developed to replace its previous version FIFA 13. It is better than its previous version in terms of resolution and real game features. FIFA 14 is more real than FIFA 13 in depicting a football game. FIFA 14 was the Seventh installation of its series, and Barcelona Player Lionel Messi was nominated by fans to have his face to be used in the games cover (EASports 1).

















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Sample Essay on FIFA 14 Video Game

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Sample Essay on FIFA 14 Video Game

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Sample Essay on FIFA 14 Video Game

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