Sample Essay on Compare and Contrast

Athletic certification is the process where athletic trainer ora student has to graduate with a master’s degree or at least bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited athletics training institution. The student must also sit and pass some tests offered by the board of certification (BOC). After meeting the minimum criteria for certification, for one to remain certified, the students are normally tested with some continuing education requirements tests. For one to be eligible to sit the board of certification (BOC) examinations one must complete a program accredited by the commission.  The commission on Accreditation of athletic training education (CAATE) also ensures that the trainers are competent.

On the other hand regional accreditation is whereby an institution for instance university or a college is accredited by the regional accrediting bodies.  The institution of higher learning which include universities and middle level colleges are accredited to indicate a mark of quality. There are several forms of accreditation which include regional accreditation, hybrid, programmatic and national accreditations but regional is the most prestigious.

The majordissimilarity between countyrecognition and athletic certification is that the regional accreditation is largely comprehensive. It is mandated with the task of accrediting programs in colleges and universities. As a matter of fact, approval of athletic training education is credited by area accreditation authorities. (CAATE) is the body that certifies athletes.

The main similarity between the two is both control programs.  Accreditation of athletic training education (CAATE) makes sure that curriculum used for training the trainers is up to the standards and that they produce competent people. While regional accreditation bodies ensures that quality and standards are met in the universities and colleges.