Sample Dissertation Discussion Paper on Material Science

Sports refer to a variety of active behavior, which demands physical exertion and skills where a person or a team competes against each other for entertainment (Hume & Richard, 3) while Impact in sport refers to the violent interaction of diverse aspects of sports that have progressed to improved performance and safety. The biggest impact, in the last century, on the improvement of materials has been achieved by the production of carbon fiber material as a major component in sports equipment. This advancement is an attribute of improved technology, which has facilitated competition, reduced cost of production, and increased performance. This is because carbon fiber can be applied in the production of optimal strength and stiffness in central locations in the sporting gears (Assembly, 5). Carbon fiber is a result of layers of aluminum, titanium, and wood core. Carbon fiber alloy is moreover useful in the construction of the rigid tube shape and wall thickness of bicycle parts and in downhill skis. The flexing properties are additionally useful in the skis for compression of the top side and tension on the underside (Material World Magazine, 4). This advanced technology that has resulted to lesser weight than the past comparable models have enabled users to maneuver easily on the slopes. There are no ethical ramifications of the technology used in carbon fiber production. This is because the alloy is a combination of previously used materials that has wide applications in sporting


It is indeed true that modification of materials in sports has greatly influenced the performance of the players. This is not only conspicuous in cricket; it is visible in other activities such as cycling and athletics. Other than using aluminum, carbon fiber has been of greater essence in sports. This is because it is an alloy of aluminum, titanium, and wood core (Material World Magazine, Para 7). By combining these materials, the result is much better and durable than in unit materials. Baseball players can affirm the increased strengths in their balls since they can equally swing and hit the balls. The major effect is conversely on the reduced sporting expenses.



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