Sample Business Plan Paper on Relocation of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics

Sports marketing has contributed largely to the promotion of privately-owned products, businesses, and services; hence, relocation is always welcome if it would increase the club’s market share. One of the Major League Baseball teams, Oakland Athletics (also known as A’s), is planning to relocate its home ground to Portland, Oregon. However, a relocation of a professional sports club is likely to create conflict among the local populace, in addition to the loss of economic benefits to its former location (Mitten, 2011). This study will evaluate the effect of such relocation through the SWOT analysis.

The SWOT Analysis for Oakland Athletics

  • A lean office administration, which can survive even when profitability is low
  • Capacity to raise the club’s profitability in the long-run
  • Access to skilled labor from the diverse population
  • Strong squad

  • Lack of a large market share in the short-run
  • Inadequate resources for marketing and advertising
  • Poor investment in research and development
  • A poor winning record, which restricts new fan base



  • Portland is one of the largest metropolitan areas with only one major sport team
  • Establishment of new fan base
  • The available 35,000-seat stadium is sufficient to accommodate the fans and consequently increase the club’s revenue
  • Benefits from a new stadium through seat sales, naming rights, as well as cable contracts

·         The club management can utilize social media to attract large audience to its games.


  • Fierce competition from the already established team in Portland
  • Attraction of high interest rates as well as increased costs prior settling down in the region
  • The available stadium serves numerous teams; hence, A’s will suffer from lack of rights to ownership




Mitten, M. J. (2011). Sports law in the United States. Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International.