Sample Book Review Paper on Mini Review of Three and Out by John U. Bacon

Mini Review of Three and Out by John U. Bacon

Three and Out narrates a story of one of the outstanding college football coach who takes the leadership of a successful program, only to record the worst performance in the history of both the coach and the club. John Bacon, a writer and a journalism teacher, gives a definitive account of what transpired in the three years that couch Rich Rodriguez was the head coach of the University of Michigan’s football. As Bacon explains, Rodriguez had recorded a stunning performance in the West Virginia prior to joining the Michigan University as the head coach in 2008 (2011). He had led his alma mater to its best ranking in the school’s history. However, in this spectacular performance was not replicated in his tenure in Michigan as its football hit to the never seen lows. Rodriguez era was marked by a loss after another, recording the worst three-year stretch in the University history.

The Three and Out book reveals some of the odd behind-seen decisions that costs the football clubs. Bacon enjoyed an unrestricted access to the Michigan football program, enabling him to record each and every off-field decision. The book outlines the questionable moves that led to Rodriguez poor performance in Michigan. It cautions prospective coaches on some of the most catastrophic decisions in the coaching career.

Bacon’s Three In One is not only interesting to the leaders, but also educative, especially to the sports lovers. I would highly recommend the book to any football fun, and more specifically to the fanatics of college football. Although it stimulate one’s emotions as it unwinds the club’s lowest moments, one will still be interested to find out what happened behind the scenes.


Bacon, J. U. (2011). Three and out: Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines in the crucible of college football. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.