Sample Admission Essay on Sports Management

This is an area that has elicited more interests due to the ever-increasing health awareness, fitness requirements and spectators; this has creating need for more professionals and managers to come up with skills and knowledge to help managing the industry. Professionals in this area may find themselves working in finance departments like handling tickets or creating sound strategies that are aimed at improving sports and this may vary from international to local sporting events.

According to an article in BBC sports, supporters of both West and Chelsea are to be subjected to thorough security checks as the two teams battle it out in the EFL cup scheduled for Wednesday. This is because of the animosity that exists between the two football teams in England and this has been occasioned by allocating Chelsea fans more than 5,000 football tickets. In addition, sports management has indicated that a ban has also been placed on alcohol consumption and for that matter, no alcohol will be sold to supporters of the two teams outside the stadium. Security will also be enhanced inside the stadium through safe deployment of officer because since the stadium is new constructed the radio system is still not operational.

In sports management a key critical component in protecting vital infrastructure in sports industry including stadiums and arenas is enhanced security. In the above case, security will be enhanced as a measure of protecting loss of lives and destruction of infrastructure in the stadium that may results from unruly fans. As pointed out earlier, revenue generation is important in sport management as stadium managers would like to realize more profits from sport events and so warrants the need for more enhanced security measures. Security as a component is envisaged in sports management where individuals and learners are trained on how to manage security incidents and threats, risk management principles, safety and security provisions, protective procedures and business continuity and recovery philosophies.