Coursework Sample Essay on Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance enhancement refers to the use of medications to enhance the growth of muscles and performance in athletics. The use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) should be discouraged among athletes because these drugs serve as unfair to athletes’ competitors. When detrimental issues like the use of PED arise, the same players should not be rewarded for their efforts (Reardon, and Shane 7). This is because such individuals have not used their physical effort in winning.

The financial ramifications that they should incur in the face of such cases include loss of income. It is vital for athletes to remember that the use of PED can result in the withdrawal of their funds resulting in a loss of income that may negatively impact their livelihood. This can further result in negative effects on physical and mental well-being. They may also be forced to repay their salaries and bonuses because their victory was pegged on the use of drugs.

One of the responsibilities of sports organizations is to ensure that ethical standards are upheld in their organizations. They must ensure that all athletes uphold the standards by ensuring that nobody uses PED (Reardon, and Shane 25). They should ban the use of PED and have stern consequences for individuals caught using them. Additionally, sports organizations should have drug detection testing methods that can enable them to discover an athlete that uses banned substances. This can play a vital role in upholding the ethical standards of athletics. It is also the responsibility of sports organizations to educate athletes on the probable dangers of using performance-enhancing drugs and discourage the continuation of the use of these drugs. This is because some athletes may not be aware of the effects of PED

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