Sample Essay on Qualitative Research

This paper aimed at establishing the influence of physical and sexual abuse on marriage and cohabitation. The paper established that women are likely to experienced not only physical but also sexual abuse from their early life. The sexual abuses are perpetrated by mainly close relatives or family friends who are normally adults. These problems mainly occur in families that have single parents. The research was mainly done through conducting surveys on low-income families. The questions administered were mainly closed-ended. There were interviews that were conducted during that period to get first-hand information right from the horses’ mouth. The researchers also perused through the secondary sources of information such as both the physical and online journals that have been published on the factors that influence physical and sexual abuses in marriages as well as cohabiting relationships. They include the economic status of the families as well as other social factors such as emotional stress.

There were numerous challenges that were encountered during the research particularly on the collection of data and information. There were communication challenges due to language between various ethnic groups particularly the Hispanic and Asian communities. This led to misunderstandings as the researchers could not effectively establish what they intended to say. Communication challenges were not only brought about by language barriers but also the respondents found out that the structure of the questions posed to them were rigid and insensitive to their circumstances. The respondents also complained that they were not guaranteed enough and adequate time to respond to the queries. Ethical issues arose on the privacy and confidentiality that could accorded to the data and information to ensure that the views of the respondents were not disclosed to third parties. The researchers had to ensure that was a degree of trustworthiness between them and the respondents to ensure that the information collected was timely, accurate and reliable.