Sample Essay on Native Americans

Native Americans

Currently there are more than half a million Native Americans in the United States, the Native Americans are still trying to cope with the adjustment that was brought about by the white civilization. These groups of people still speak in more than one hundred different languages. The Native Americans are immensely proud about their traditions and many have resisted giving them up (Davenport & Nohria, 2012). Current estimation indicates that one third of the Native Americans now live in the cities. This paper will focus on the diversity of the Native Americans by analyzing their culture and determining the important factors that the case managers should have in order to create a warm and welcoming culturally safe environment for the people who come from this region (Davenport & Nohria, 2012).

Demographics have a very significant consequence of how a particular country works. It is interesting to know how the demographics in the Native Americans operate and how they differ from the contemporary American culture. The Native Americans are increasing tremendously at a rate of 18% (Davis, 2014). Demographics also indicate that the health of this group is better compared to that one of the Americans, diseases like Aids are a rare occurrence and heart diseases are not as prevalent, therefore, only a small portion of the population dies from the heart problems. A majority of this group lives in the Western State, for example, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Washington and California (Barrio, 2014).

Case managers are important since they provide an array of services to assist the individuals and families to cope with situations that are complicated in an effective way; this helps the individuals to achieve a better life (Reich, 2012). In dealing with Native Americans, the case managers should be aware of several things; they should do or keep away from several things if they are to create a warm and culturally safe environment for this group. The case management should be central to the operation of the interdisciplinary team (Reich, 2012).

Even before they embark on a mission to assist the Native Americans, the case managers should be able to demonstrate that their level of cultural competence is adequate to handle the complex cases that may be part of their assignment (Reich, 2012). The case managers should be knowledgeable about the community, the resources that it has and the current natural supports. The managers should make sure that they have the access to flexible funds for providing the wrap around services.

To create a warm and welcoming culturally safe environment for the Native Americans, the case managers should ensure that their efforts are practical, they should avoid being impractical. The Native Americans tend to be practical people and hence have no problems absorbing the concrete of experiential circumstances (Reich, 2012). The approach used should integrate spirituality; the Native Americans integrate religion in every aspect of the social cultural fabric. Spirituality is considered a natural component of everything that these groups of people do. When presenting new concepts, the Case managers should be aware that all the aspects of the Native Americans culture are touched by it, case managers should not be biased by using the religion of the majority to influence the Native Americans, and this will only frustrate them. The case managers should use a holistic orientation when presenting their approach (Davenport & Nohria, 2012). The Native Americans are a primal culture, this means that they have a long standing and well integrated approach to the whole, and the case managers should avoid.

In conclusion, despite their small concentrations, the Native Americans have tenaciously cringed to their rich culture. The Native Americans are primarily found in the Western states of the US, they are the smallest minority group in the culture (Barrio, 2014). To effectively create a warm and welcoming culturally safe environment, the case managers should take the task of doing something’s and avoiding others. The case managers should be practical, holistic and integrate religion in their work. They should avoid being impractical and biased



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