Sample Essay on Long Married Couples Relationship

Long Married Couples Relationships

Marriage is an institution between two different people who have agreed to have a life time commitments together. Many marriages in today’s world fail to fulfill this objective of life time commitment and fails prematurely. Many young people willing to join the marriage institutions always wonder how the long-married couples had made it through despite the differences and wrangles experienced in the course of their marriages.

Many long married couples have their own stories to tell when interrogated about their marriage and long time existing relationships with their partners. The most common thing among the long married couples is how they feel as the main reason for a lasting relationship. Majority feels that, the reason as to why they are in a marriage is the need for companionship and they feel it is special from the parties they got married to. Many couples who have been in marriage institutions for a long period, deems their partners company is more worth when comparing them with their friends. The couples also upheld the virtue of partners having common values before getting married. The differences found among the old parties are in how they viewed the reason for getting married. Some suggests it is out of love while others stated it’s out of what attracted them most the first time they met with their partners. There are some cultural, ethics and racial aspects identifiable among the long married couples. For instance, some couples live with their partners because their cultures don’t allow separation of partners after marriage. Some races got married for convenience and if they felt not comfortable living together they divorced their partners.

Many long marriages last as a results of couples understanding each other and partners marrying their match to whom they share many core values. Though differences stir up marriages and avoid boredom between couples, having common values helps them avoid many disputes.