Sample Essay on FA7- Spirituality

Last Saturday must have been one of the most fulfilling days of my life. My two best friends and I set out to our community’s home for the old to participate in a voluntary program that had been begun by the home administration. Once in every two weeks, ten volunteers were needed to participate in thorough cleaning of the home as well as socializing and having fun with the old. I had been having the desire to help other people, but it was difficult for me to identify how I can be of help especially to the older people in my community. This opportunity proved to be the best after I realized that I could participate in changing the lives of this people and contributing to their happiness.

I had two hours to volunteer in this home. I spent the first hour cleaning up two rooms that had a couple while the other one had an old woman. I scrubbed their floors, washed the windows and organized their rooms which appeared to be extremely disorganized. I also did their laundry and aired out their beddings. As I did this, I spent time conversing with the old women and men. I enjoyed the fact that they enjoyed the conversations about their olden days. The couple shared their experience on how they met and fell in love. The giggles and laughter communicated the intense happiness that they found in me sharing my time with them.

As my time in the home elapsed, I was amazed at how grateful these people were after helping them with the simple chores. I received long affectionate hugs from them as I left their rooms. I realized that service rendered to other people out of love brought so much happiness in me (Shimoff and Kline 2008:143).





Shimoff, Marci, and Kline, Carol. 2008. Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out. New York: Free Press.